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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a social security card


The social security card is a letter containing your social security number as well as your personal details.

The social security number is used by your employer to identify you in all social security notifications (e.g. registrations, deregistrations or annual notifications). The social security number remains the same for the rest of your life. The pension insurance company keeps your insured person account under this number.

In the event of loss or damage, a new social security card can be issued

  • online,
  • at a German Pension Insurance information and advice center or
  • from your health insurance fund.

If you start a new job, you must present your social security card to your employer. If you do not yet have a social security number, you can also register without a social security number. Registration by the employer then triggers the allocation of a new social security number. Your social security card will be sent to you automatically.

You will also need the social security card if you apply for a social benefit, for example unemployment benefit.

If your name changes, for example if you get married, you will automatically receive a new social security card.

Note: Your data is also displayed on your social security card as a machine-readable code (QR code).

Once you have applied, your social security card will be sent to your registration address within 14 days.

Forms: no

Online procedure possible: yes

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no

If your social insurance card is lost or damaged, you can apply for a new one online or at a German Pension Insurance information and advice center or at your health insurance fund.

You will receive your social security card by post to your registration address.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

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