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Apply for support for re-entry into working life


You can take advantage of benefits for participation in working life if you have health problems that prevent you from practising your profession. You can

  • receive measures or aids that enable you to resume or continue to pursue your profession, or
  • Take advantage of benefits to change your profession.

The support you receive depends on your case. It is important that the measure helps you to practice your or another profession.

You can receive the following support to practice your profession:

  • Motor vehicle assistance: subsidies for the purchase of a car and/or for the disabled equipment of your car, for example for
    • the purchase of a car: up to EUR 9,500 or
    • Costs for the handicapped accessible conversion of an existing car: complete.
  • the travel costs for an educational measure,
  • a work assistant, i.e. a person who supports you in the execution of your job. The costs are covered for a maximum of three years. If you have further needs afterwards, the Integration Office finances the work assistance,
  • costs for aids,
    • which you need to practise your profession and/or
    • which you need for the way to your workplace or for participation in a measure that contributes to professional participation, and
  • Costs for technical work aids, such as screen readers or software.

If you are no longer able to practise your profession, you can receive support for taking up activities:

  • Start-up grant: If you want to start a business, you will receive a grant for it. Your self-employed work must match your clinical picture and secure you an income.
  • Benefits in a recognised workshop for disabled people (WfbM): An activity in a WfbM is possible if the general labour market is closed to you due to the severity of your disability and you can only carry out an appropriate activity within the protected framework of a WfbM.
  • Benefits for professional adaptation, retraining, training, further education or vocational preparation. If you need support from accompanying assistance (for example, medical, psychological or social care), this will be taken into account when selecting the institution.

You cannot receive a benefit for participation in working life if you

  • are entitled to a similar benefit from another rehabilitation provider (e.g. accident insurance) as a result of an accident at work, an occupational disease or damage caused by third parties,
  • are a civil servant, soldier or judge – please contact your competent integration office to find out from whom you can receive benefits,
  • have already received or applied for an old-age pension (at least two thirds of the full pension),
  • have permanently retired from working life and receive a company pension until the start of retirement, for example, or
  • are in pre-trial detention or in the execution of a custodial sentence.

You must apply for the participation benefit from the pension insurance company responsible for you:

  • You can apply online on the website of the German Pension Insurance:
    • Without registration, you can fill out the application online and send it to the German Pension Insurance. You still have to send the signature sheet by post.
    • With an identity card, residence permit or electronic signature card, you can fill out the application directly online and send it paperless.
  • Alternatively, you can also download the necessary application forms on the Internet.
  • The information and advice centres as well as the insured elders of the pension insurance will also help you with the application.
  • In addition, you can also submit the application to the health insurance companies or the insurance offices.
  • After submitting your application, you will receive a letter of admission or rejection.

When downloading the application, please note the following:

  • Download the form "Application for benefits for participation for insured persons – rehabilitation application" (form G0100) on the website of the German Pension Insurance and print it out.
  • Fill out the form.
  • In point 1 ("Benefit requested"), depending on your case, tick the following:
    • "Benefits for participation in working life (vocational rehabilitation)",
    • 'motor vehicle assistance' and/or
    • "Aids and technical work aids that are necessary for the exercise of a profession due to disability".
  • Also fill in the forms that are important for the service you are requesting. The necessary forms can be found under point 1 to the right of the service.

You can receive benefits for participation in working life from the pension insurance if you

  • are insured for at least 15 years in the statutory pension insurance (so-called "waiting period of 15 years") or
  • receive a disability pension, or
  • receive a large widow's/widower's pension due to reduced earning capacity, or
  • without these benefits, a pension due to reduced earning capacity would have to be paid by the pension insurance, or
  • have received a medical benefit for rehabilitation from the pension insurance immediately before, which alone is not sufficient for the desired rehabilitation success.

Get from your local pension insurance

Forms: yes
Online procedure possible: yes
Written form required: no
Personal appearance necessary: usually no

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