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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for an identity card for Germans residing outside Germany


As a German with permanent residence abroad, you are not subject to the general reporting obligation and therefore not to the obligation to show ID in Germany under the Identity Card Act.

It is nevertheless possible for you to apply for an identity card from a diplomatic mission abroad or to any identity card authority in Your Country.

Germans within the meaning of Art. 116 sec. 1 Of the Basic Law (GG)

  • the current (child) identity card or valid (child) passport
  • Birth certificate in the original
  • in the case of children under 16 years of age, the consent (declaration) of the legal guardian,
  • in the case of only one legal guardian, the proof of custody,
  • a passport photo suitable for biometry (after the photo sample board).

• for applicants aged 24 and over: EUR 37.00
• For applicants under 24 years of age: EUR 22.80
• for the 1st identity card for children and adolescents (applicants under 24 years of age): EUR 22.80
• for the provisional identity card: EUR 10.00
• Surcharge for exhibition by consular or diplomatic representation abroad: EUR 30,00
• Surcharge (off-duty, non-competent authority): EUR 13.00

• Fee reduction or exemption possible for the needy (at the discretion of the IDENTITY card authority)

Section 1 (4) number 2 of the Identity Card Act (PAuswG);

Section 8 paragraph 8 of the Identity Card Act (PAuswG);

Section 35 Of the Identity Cards Act (PAuswG);

Section 2 KonsG

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