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Apply for admission to the auditing exam


In order to become an auditor, you must take the auditing exam. In order to be admitted to the exam, you must:

  • a certain education,
  • appropriate professional experience and
  • Concrete audit activities

can demonstrate.

Audits for the auditing exam take place in the first and second half of each year.

You can apply for admission to the auditing examination at your regional office of the Chamber of Auditors or at the examination office of the Chamber of Auditors in Berlin:

  • Download the document "Applications and Application Forms" from the website of the Chamber of Auditors.
  • Fill in the forms that apply to your case.
  • Attach all necessary documents to the application.
  • Send the application and the documents by post or electronically with a qualified signature to the regional office or the examination office of the Chamber of Auditors.
  • The regional office will check your documents.
  • If you meet all the requirements, you will be admitted to the exam.
  • You will receive a notification and, upon admission, a written invitation to each written and oral module examination.

To be admitted to the exam, you must meet the following admission requirements:

  • a university degree
  • Exceptions:
    • 10 years of experience at

      • an auditor,
      • an auditing firm,
      • a sworn accountant,
      • a firm of accountants,
      • a cooperative auditing association,
      • the examination body of a savings bank and giro association or
      • a supra-local examination institution for corporations and institutions under public law.
    • alternatively: at least 5 years of activity as

      • sworn accountant or as a sworn accountant
      • Tax Advisor
  • a practical activity corresponding to the auditor after your first professional university degree:

    • 3 years or

    • 4 years, if the standard period of study of your completed university education is less than 8 semesters,

    • in the case of a body mentioned above under "10 years' experience"

  • of which: at least 53 weeks (full-time) participation in final examinations and participation in the drafting of audit reports (audit work)

    • If you do not have vocational training but have worked in auditing for 10 years, you must have completed the audit activity after the 5th year of your work.
    • If you contribute 5 years of activity as a sworn accountant or tax advisor as a prerequisite for admission, you must have carried out the audit activity during or after this activity.
  • Exception: You do not have to prove the audit activity with at least 15 years of activity

    • as a sworn accountant or
    • as a tax consultant.
  • CV in tabular form with detailed information about previous education and professional career

  • Testimonials about

    • university examinations,
    • other relevant audits, and
    • the professional activity, including information on the nature and extent of the audit activity,
    • in the original or as a certified copy
  • Explanation of whether and where you have previously submitted an application for admission to the examination

  • Proof of the standard period of study of the completed higher education

  • Proof of audit activity

  • Registration for at least one module examination

  • if applicable, a statement as to whether you wish to take the exam in abbreviated form

  • Admission fee: EUR 500,00
  • Examination fees: EUR 500,00 per written exam

Registration deadlines:

  • If you want to take the exam in the first half of the year: August 31 of the previous year
  • If you want to take the exam in the second half of the year: last day of February (28 or 29 February) of the same year

You always apply for admission at the next possible examination date. You cannot submit the application in advance for a later examination date.

These deadlines also apply if you register for a module examination or retake the examination.

  • Admission to the examination: usually at least three weeks before the first written module examination
  • Invitations to the module examinations: usually at least three weeks before the first module examination.

Forms: Applications and application forms

Online procedure possible: no

Written form required: yes

Personal appearance required: no

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