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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for entry in the marriage register


Properly issued marriage certificates (marriage certificates) from abroad are generally recognized in Germany. There is no obligation to provide subsequent notarization.

However, the subsequent entry in the marriage register can be advantageous because the local registry office will then be able to issue you with a German marriage certificate. Any translations and certifications of the foreign document will therefore no longer apply in the future.

A marriage contracted abroad can only be entered in the German marriage register if it has been validly concluded. In addition, it must not contradict German law.

The subsequent certification of the marriage is possible for:

  • German nationals
  • Stateless persons, homeless foreigners or foreign refugees with habitual residence in Germany

Eligible applicants:

  • each spouse
  • Both are deceased:
    • their parents, or
    • their children
  • Marriage certificate (marriage certificate) of the marriage contracted abroad, if necessary with certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalization by the German mission abroad
  • valid identity card, passport or travel document
  • If applicable, naturalization certificate, citizenship certificate
  • Translations of all documents into a foreign language by translators sworn in Germany

Other additional documents required:

at the birth of the spouses in Germany:

  • the birth certificates

In the event of the birth of the spouses abroad:

  • the birth certificates with certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalization by the German mission abroad

Has a spouse ever been married:

  • certified copy from the marriage register of the last previous marriage with notice of dissolution
  • alternatively or in the case of a previous marriage abroad: Proof of the conclusion and dissolution of all previous marriages - for example, marriage certificates, death certificates, all divorce decrees (complete and with a note from the court since when the judgment has been final / "final note")
  • if applicable, recognition of the foreign divorce by the President of the Higher Regional Court

If a spouse has ever established a registered civil partnership:

  • Proof of the establishment and dissolution of all civil partnerships

The fee depends on the nationality of the spouses at the time of marriage.

  • Notarization of a marriage contracted abroad
    • if both partners are German nationals: 60,00 Euro
    • in the case of foreign nationals
      • of a partner: 90,00 Euro
      • both partners: 110,00 Euro
  • Notarization or certification of a declaration, consent or consent to use a name on the basis of family law regulations: 25,00 Euro
  • Copy of the marriage certificate:
    • one copy: 10,00 Euro
    • each additional copy, if requested at the same time: 5.00 Euro
  • if you are domiciled in Germany: the registry office of the place where you live or habitually reside
  • if you live abroad: Registry Office I in Berlin

Registry Office I in Berlin
Schönstedtstr. 5
13357 Berlin (Mitte)
Phone: + 49 30 90 269-5000
Fax: + 49 30 90 269-5245

Opening hours:
Mon closed
Tue 09:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Wed closed
Thu 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Fri closed

For details on the modalities and documents that the registry office needs from you in detail, please contact them in advance by telephone.

  • Gather the necessary documents and go to the registry office.
  • The registrar checks whether the notarization by a German registry office is possible.
  • If the conditions are met, the entry in the marriage register can take place.

If necessary, the registry office will issue you with a marriage certificate after you have entered the register.

Since 1 January 2009, certified copies from the family book have no longer been issued – the registry office continues to keep the data from the family books as marriage entries.

If you need proof, please request a marriage certificate.

If you have married abroad, you can apply to the registry office of your home town for the marriage to be subsequently certified in the German marriage register.

Federal Ministry of the Interior

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