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Apply for grants for care-based improvements to housing


If you are in need of care, it may be necessary to adapt the living environment to your individual needs. The long-term care insurance pays subsidies for measures to improve the living environment under certain conditions.

The individual adaptation of the living environment includes, for example, rebuilding the bathroom in a care-friendly manner, adapting the kitchen equipment or other furniture, or removing thresholds and other obstacles.

You can apply for a grant from the nursing care fund for such "measures to improve the individual living environment". The nursing insurance fund is located at the health insurance fund. It advocates measures to improve the living environment unless other service providers are primarily responsible for them.

The grant may not exceed eur 4,000 per person in need of care per measure. If the costs are lower, the subsidy is limited to the actual costs.

If you live with several patients, the grant can also be used to improve the common living environment. This means that for four patients, each can receive the full grant of up to €4,000 for the adaptation of the shared apartment. The upper limit is a total amount of up to Euro 16,000.

If the cost of the measure exceeds the amount of the grant granted, you must bear these additional costs yourself.

You can also receive these subsidies to improve the common living environment as a resident in outpatient care groups of patients – in addition to the flat-rate supplement for the residential group members in the amount of Euro 214 per month and, if necessary, the start-up financing for newly established outpatient assisted housing groups (per person in need of care a one-time amount of up to EURO 2,500, per residential group limited to a maximum of EUR 10,000).

On the other hand, the conditions are not met in old people's and nursing homes as well as residential facilities, which are only rented out by the landlord to those in need of care. You will not receive a grant for these measures here.

To receive a grant for housing improvement measures

  • you must submit an application to your competent care fund.
  • It is helpful if you are seeking care advice before applying. This also supports you in the application process.
  • Check with your nursing home for the exact procedure and whether there is an application form.
  • The nursing care fund examines the application. It may only bear the costs that are necessary and appropriate (economic).
  • Wait for the decision of the nursing care fund before you start to adapt the living environment.
  • You must clarify any rental law issues on your own responsibility and obtain the consent of the landlord.
  • Only when the measure has been completed and the costs incurred can be documented will the care fund pay out the subsidy.
  • If the care situation has changed so badly that further measures are needed, you can apply for grants again.

The respective care fund or the private insurance company or the nearest nursing home.

Citizens' telephone of the Federal Ministry of Health for general information on long-term care insurance:

Citizen's phone: 030 3406066 -02

  • In order to be entitled to housing improvement measures, you must first have a recognised need for care (care levels 1 to 5).
  • There must be no priority obligation to provide benefits by other service providers (e.g. health insurance or accident insurance).
  • The action you want to take must then be
    • enable home care, or
    • significantly facilitate, or
    • restore a life that is as independent as possible.
  • The measure must be economic and must not exceed what is necessary.

The procedure is the responsibility of the nursing insurance funds and private insurance companies.

Please inquire with the nursing insurance funds which documents are to be submitted in detail on the basis of the application or, if necessary, and which form (original/copy, scan) is required.

Fees may arise, where appropriate, through expert opinions, experts or cost estimates. No fee collection by the care funds or private insurance companies.

Please check with your care fund or insurance company.

Please check with your care fund or insurance company.

  • Forms: Please check with the nursing care fund or the insurance company if an application form is available.
  • Online procedure possible: s.o.
  • Written form necessary: yes
  • personal appearance necessary: no

Evaluation is the responsibility of the service providers.

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