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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for admission to a general education school


All children and young people living in Saxony-Anhalt are required to attend school. For children who reach the age of 6 by 30 June, it begins with the following school year and ends after 12 years. The statutory compulsory education of 12 years is fulfilled by attending a vocational school, unless a general education school is still attended.

In Saxony-Anhalt, a distinction is made between general education schools and vocational schools. There are separate regulations for vocational schools.

Schools of general education:

  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Comprehensive schools
  • Community Schools
  • Grammar school
  • Special Schools

The registration procedure is different.

  • If a school in Saxony-Anhalt is currently attended, the school attended is the first point of contact.
  • As a rule, applications must be submitted to the school attended.
  • If the change takes place from another federal state, the State Education Office of Saxony-Anhalt provides information about school catchment areas. In this case, registration takes place directly at the school.
  • The further process then depends individually on the type of school.

Please contact the appropriate school.

Depending on the type of school, various documents are required.

Depending on the type of school, different deadlines must be observed.

In the event of a change of course, the applications must usually be submitted in the course of the 2nd half of the year, at the latest 6 weeks before the issue of the annual certificates.

Further information can be found in the state portal on the website of the Ministry of Education Saxony-Anhalt. In addition, the State Education Office of Saxony-Anhalt will provide you with information.

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Minisiterium for Education Saxony-Anhalt

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