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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for compensation under the Infection Protection Act in the event of quarantine or prohibition of activity


If you have been sent to quarantine or banned from working as a result of a health authority order, you are entitled to compensation for your loss of earnings.

You are not entitled to compensation in the following cases, despite the quarantine order:

  • If you can do an alternative job or work from home (home office).
  • If you have been recommended or required to take a vaccination.
  • If you have driven to a high-risk area and then have to quarantine. This only applies if the trip was not necessary.

Compensation depends on your earnings.

The following applies to employees:

For the first 6 weeks, you will receive the compensation directly from your employer in the amount of your previous net salary. The short-time working allowance is also taken into account.

Subsidies from your employer will be deducted from the calculation.

If you are entitled to continued payment of remuneration or to wage replacement benefits during quarantine, you will not receive any compensation. Continued payment of remuneration or wage replacement benefits are, for example:

  • Continued payment of remuneration in the event of incapacity for work
  • Continued payment of remuneration during the holiday
  • Entitlement to unemployment benefit
  • Entitlement to short-time working allowance
  • Quarantine order abroad

The following applies to employers:

You must pay the compensation to your employees. You can have the amounts paid reimbursed by the State Administration Office.

Contributions to pension, long-term care and health insurance can also be reimbursed to you.

You can also apply for an advance at the State Administration Office.

The following applies to the self-employed:

You will receive the refund directly from the State Administration Office.

Your last annual profit will be taken into account for the calculation. This is divided by 12.

Contributions to pension, long-term care and health insurance can be reimbursed.

You will receive the compensation monthly retroactively to the 1st of the month. For example, you would receive compensation for March on April 1.

You can also apply for an advance.

The following applies to homeworkers:

Unlike the self-employed, your average monthly income is taken into account for the calculation.

For reimbursement, please contact the State Administration Office.

You are entitled to reimbursement of your loss of earnings if

  • You are subject to a prohibition of activity
  • or are in quarantine
  • and you have a loss of earnings
  • and you are not unable to work

For employees:

  • Application (online)
  • Wage certificates of the 2 months before the loss of earnings as well as the months of the loss of earnings
  • further evidence is optional but can support the processing of your application, e.B. the official order for prohibition of activity or segregation

For the self-employed:

  • Application (online)
  • Proof of income of the previous year (e.B. tax assessment)
  • further evidence is optional, but can support the processing of your application, e.B. the official order prohibiting activity or segregation

You must submit the application for reimbursement of the loss of earnings within 24 months of the start of the prohibition of activity.

You can submit the application online.

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Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Integration of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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