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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a half-orphan's or full orphan's pension


In the case of the orphan's pension, a distinction is made between the half-orphan's pension and the full orphan's pension. You will receive a half-orphan's pension if a dependent parent is still alive, a full orphan's pension if both dependent parents have died.

The half-orphan's pension is 10 percent, the full orphan's pension 20 percent of the insured person's pension to which the deceased parent would have been entitled or which he has already received.

For both the full and half-orphan's pension, you will receive a supplement based on the pension periods completed by the deceased parent or parents. If an orphan is entitled to several half-orphan's pensions, only the highest is paid.

If the parent or parents have died before the completion of a certain year of life, the orphan's pension is reduced. For deaths before 2012, this age limit was 63 years. From 2012, the age limit will be gradually raised from 63 to 65 years until 31.12.2023.

Orphans' pensions are paid regularly until the orphans' 18th birthday. Under certain conditions, you can receive the orphan's pension until you reach the age of 27.

Since 01 July 2015, no income is taken into account for orphans' pensions.

Note: If you adopt an orphan's pension, you will continue to receive it. It will continue to be paid unchanged even if the orphan marries.

Children in whom one or both parents have died can apply for an orphan's pension.

You can apply for the orphan's pension in writing, in person or via online procedure:

Written application:

  • Download the application and investment form for the orphan's pension on the website of the German Pension Insurance. Fill them out completely and compile the required documents.
  • You can submit your completed and signed application with the necessary documents either:
    • send by post to your pension insurance institution or
    • in one of the local counselling centres.

Application via online procedure:

  • Go to the online portal of the German Pension Insurance. Register there with your signature card, your identity card (if you have activated electronic proof of identity) or your electronic residence title.
  • Fill out the form and upload the necessary documents. Then send your pension application online.

Personal application in a consultation:

  • Compile the required documents for the application and make an appointment in an information and advice centre of the German Pension Insurance.
  • In the consultation, your pension application is usually recorded electronically and forwarded online.

Note: Your pension application may also be submitted by a person you trust. Please submit a corresponding power of attorney to your pension insurance institution. As long as the power of attorney is valid, your pension insurance institution will contact your authorized person exclusively.

Surviving children receive an orphan's pension from the pension insurance institution if the deceased parent or parents have fulfilled the general waiting period of 5 years. These include:

  • contribution periods (compulsory and voluntary contributions),
  • replacement times,
  • child-rearing periods,
  • periods from pension equalisation and pension splitting among spouses,
  • periods of marginal employment with contributions paid by the employer, and
  • Supplements to pay points for wages from minor jobs exempt from compulsory insurance.

Entitled to orphan's pension:

  • biological or adopted children of the deceased,
  • stepchildren and foster children who were taken in the household of the deceased and
  • grandchildren and siblings who were taken in the household of the deceased or were mainly entertained by him/her,

If you:

  • are not yet 18 years old, or
  • are not yet 27 years old and:
    • are in a school or vocational training of more than 20 hours per week,
    • perform voluntary service, or
    • because of physical, mental or emotional disability can not take care of themselves.
  • Even for transitional periods of no more than four calendar months, for example between two training courses, an orphan's pension can be paid.
  • Beyond the age of 27, an extended orphan's pension entitlement may arise, for example through the prior performance of voluntary military service during the probationary period.
  • valid identity card or passport
  • Birth or descent certificate of the child
  • Death certificate of the deceased parent
  • in the case of an application for an orphan's pension for an adult orphan:
    • proof of schooling or vocational training, or
    • Proof of voluntary service.
  • in the case of applications by other persons:
    • power of attorney or
    • Order of the Court of First Instance.

Retroactive payment of orphan's pension: up to 12 calendar months before the application month

In the presence of all necessary application documents, a timely decision of the pension insurance institution is made.

If there is an accident insurance case (for example, an accident at work), an orphan's pension from the accident insurance can also be paid. There are other prerequisites and calculation bases here.

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