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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for early enrolment


Children are generally enrolled if they celebrate their 6th birthday in the period from 01/07 of the previous year to the 30th of The Year of Enrolment. If parents so wish, their children, who complete the 5th year of life by 30 June of the following school year, can also be trained. In both cases, registration at school is necessary.

Tip: The pedagogical staff of the day care center and the school management of the primary school can advise you at the appropriate enrolment time of your child.

Will your child be 5 years old in the year of enrolment by 30 June and you want early enrolment due to the level of development of your child? Read here how to apply for early enrolment.

Register your child at primary school and apply to the school management for early enrolment.

  • Your child, like all other children, participates in the school medical examination. In addition, the current state of development of your child is determined.
  • The school management then invites you to a conversation with your child.
  • The decision as to whether your child can actually be trained prematurely is finally made by the school management.
  • Your child will be required to attend school with admission.

Note: You must register your child at primary school and apply for early enrolment together, provided you have joint custody. If one of the partners is prevented, a power of attorney and a copy of the absentee's identity must be presented.

Please contact the primary school where you live.

  • Your child has reached the age of 5 by 30 June of the following school year
  • Your child has a level of mental and physical development required for schooling
  • informal, written application
  • Presentation of the birth certificate
  • if necessary, other documents such as a medical certificate from the district office or the city administration

Application: no later than 15 March of the desired enrolment year

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Ministry of Education Saxony-Anhalt

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