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Apply for a change to another type of school


A change of school type (change of school form) has an influence on your child's educational path. For example, it is possible to move from secondary school to grammar school or from primary school to secondary school.

In the 4th grade of the primary school, pupils receive a school career recommendation for the choice of further courses from the 5th grade onwards. This school career recommendation is not binding. You can also enroll your child in a different type of school/school type.

Within secondary schools, pupils (from) grades 6 to 9, possibly 10, can move to another course or type of school.

If your child is found to have special educational needs, you decide whether your child will go to a support school or remain at primary or secondary general education.

Would you like to apply for a change of school for your child? Read here what to consider.

Change to a support school:

  • You or the general school may make an informal application for a change of school.

Switching to another course:

  • You can apply for an informal application for school changes from year 6 onwards.
  • The receiving and the outgoing schools work together during the transition.
  • The school's class conference makes a recommendation as to whether successful participation is to be expected in the event of a transition.
  • They will receive comprehensive advice on this.
  • For the transition to the Gynmasium, the Gynmasium facilitates the transition through appropriate support measures.

Please contact the school currently at attendance, if necessary the State School Board.

Your contact persons at the Saxony-Anhalt State School Office
  • Parents' application
  • Decision of the Class Conference
  • When switching to a gymnasium course, different requirements apply to the grades.

When moving from another state, the following documents are required:

  • Certificates (of the last two school years or the last 4 school years)
  • Transitional eligibility (e.g. for school form changes or for admission to the upper secondary school)
  • to the extent that it is not apparent from the certificates submitted:
    • degrees already obtained (middle school leaving certificate, school part of the university entrance qualification,...)
  • Necessary information:
    • desired type of school and desired school year to the extent not apparent from the certificates submitted
    • Foreign languages (beginning of foreign language teaching, foreign language sequence)
  • Other:
    • special funding needs

As a rule, they must submit applications during the second half of the year at the latest 6 weeks before the annual certificates are issued.

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

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