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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a national visa


Depending on your nationality, you will need a national visa for stays in Germany lasting longer than 90 days. The procedure and requirements also depend on the purpose for which you wish to stay in Germany (e.g. employment, family reunification, studies and training).

Citizens of EU member states and some other countries (e.g. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia) do not require a visa. As a rule, they can also enter the country for a longer stay without a national visa and apply for their residence permit at the immigration office after entering the country. You can find a complete list of countries with details of the respective visa requirements on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

In certain cases, you must provide proof of German language skills. The issue of the national visa is governed by the same regulations that apply to the issue of the residence permit that you must apply for in Germany after your visa expires (e.g. residence permit, EU Blue Card).

The requirements depend on your nationality and the purpose of your stay. They are regulated in detail in the provisions of the Residence Act and other legal ordinances.

Details on the documents to be submitted can be found on the websites of the German diplomatic missions abroad.

  • Standard rate: EUR 75.00
  • for minors up to their 18th birthday: EUR 37.50

In certain cases, the fee may be reduced or waived entirely.

Please submit your application in good time. Information on the appointment situation and booking appointments can be found on the websites of the German diplomatic missions abroad.

Depending on the individual case, between a few days and several months

Contact persons for national visas are the visa offices of the German diplomatic missions abroad.

  • Forms: yes
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance required: yes

You must apply for a visa for a long-term stay at the diplomatic mission or consular post responsible for you.

  • Find out more about the application procedure and the documents to be submitted on the website of the diplomatic mission responsible for you
  • Make an appointment at the diplomatic mission abroad
  • Download, print and complete the visa application form. Please visit the diplomatic mission abroad in person at the agreed appointment. Please bring the completed application and all required documents with you.
  • A member of staff from the diplomatic mission abroad will interview you. For security reasons, this will take place at the counter.
  • In certain cases, once your application has been accepted, the diplomatic mission or consular post will contact the foreigners authority or, in the case of employment, the Federal Employment Agency in Germany, which is responsible for the place where you live or wish to work. In these cases, the diplomatic mission abroad can only issue the visa if the foreigners authority or the Federal Employment Agency agrees.
  • The visa is affixed to your passport in the form of a label.
  • You will only receive a written decision if you cannot be granted a visa. You then have the following legal remedies:
    • You can submit your objections in writing to the diplomatic mission abroad within one month (remonstrate). The diplomatic mission or consular post will then re-examine your visa application.
    • If your application is still rejected after the second review, you can lodge a complaint with the Berlin Administrative Court within one month.
    • You can also lodge a complaint directly with the Berlin Administrative Court within one month.
  • If you are already in Germany: Please contact the immigration authority responsible for you. It is responsible for matters relating to residence law and will decide on your application.

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