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Extend trademark protection


The term of protection of a registered trademark begins on the filing date and ends 10 years thereafter. If the trademark was registered before 14.01.2019, the ten-year term of protection ends after the end of the month in which the filing date falls.

You can extend the trademark protection as often as you like by 10 years each.

The extension shall take effect on the day following the expiry of the last term of protection. It shall be entered in the register and published. The term of protection can be extended for all goods and services or even for only a part of them. If the term of protection is not extended, the trademark right expires.

To extend the term of protection of your registered trademark, proceed as follows:

  • About 8 months before the expiry of the term of protection, the German Patent and Trademark Office will inform you about the possibility of trademark renewal.
  • Pay the renewal and any class fees in good time.
  • If you want to extend the term of protection only for a part of the goods and services or receive the renewal confirmation to an additional address, use the form "Request for renewal of a trademark".
  • After the renewal has been registered in the Trademark Register, you will receive a confirmation, which will be automatically sent to the delivery address entered in the register and, if necessary, to another address specified in the application.
  • If you want to extend the term of protection of the trade mark only for part of the registered goods and services: Form for the application for renewal of a trade mark
  • If you want to extend the term of protection of the trademark completely, the timely payment of the fees is sufficient. An application is not necessary in this case.
  • Renewal fee for an individual brand (up to 3 classes): EUR 750,00
  • Delay surcharge (renewal fee): EUR 50.00
    • Renewal fee for a collective or certification mark (up to 3 classes): EUR 1,800.00
    • Class fee for each additional class: EUR 260,00
  • Delay surcharge (class fee) for each additional class from fourth class onwards: EUR 50.00


  • Due date before the end of the term of protection: 6 months
  • Payment deadline after due date: 6 months
  • Grace period after expiry of the term of protection with delay surcharge: 6 months
  • Advance payment at the earliest before the due date: 6 months

5 days with full extension.

6 months in the case of partial renewal after the due date of the renewal fee

the necessary partial cancellation of the goods or services that are not to be renewed can only be processed after the expiry of the term of protection

Forms: only with partial renewal

Online procedure possible: yes

Written form required: in case of partial renewal

Personal appearance required: no

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