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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Appeal against officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Sport and the associated authorities


A complaint may be made to verify the appearance or behaviour of officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Sport of the Land of Saxony-Anhalt and its associated authorities.

In addition to the staff of the Ministry, you can

  • in the police sector, on the staff
    • the state police, i.e. the police inspections Magdeburg, Halle (Saale), Dessau-Roßlau, Stendal and Central Services
    • of the State Criminal Office of Saxony-Anhalt as well as
    • of the University of Applied Sciences Police Saxony-Anhalt
  • administrative area on staff
    • of the State Administration Office of Saxony-Anhalt,
    • of the State Archives of Saxony-Anhalt,
    • of the Statistical Office of Saxony-Anhalt,
    • of the Training and Training Institute Saxony-Anhalt as well as
    • of the Institute for Fire and Civil Protection Heyrothsberge


A possible misconduct, for example, is an act that was not adapted to the situation. The behavior can be expressed in tone, in the choice of words, in gestures, in utterances or in the manner of handling.


You have the option of selecting the Complaints Body.

For more information, see the section "Who do I have to contact".

As an informal remedy, the appeal cannot replace formal remedies (appeals). It does not postpone or prevent the implementation of decisions or measures. Possible deadlines are still running. If you want to stop transposition or time limits, you must file an objection or action or request urgent legal proceedings.

You want to file a complaint? Find out more if you wish to lodge a complaint against officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Sport Saxony-Anhalt or its associated authorities.

You can file the complaint orally or better informinated in writing by letter, fax, e-mail or electronically via the eRevier:

  • Name the person concerned.
  • Describe the personal misconduct you accuse her of being as accurate as possible (especially the date, location, people involved).
  • The complaints offices of the Department of Home Affairs and Sport of the State of Saxony-Anhalt will receive your complaint, examine the content and give you an answer as soon as possible.

You can complain directly to all the authorities in the department of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Sport. You can also contact the Central Complaints Office in the Ministry. The addresses of the authorities can be found in the list of the home pages of the Central Complaints Body.

Lists of addresses of the complaints bodies

The condition is that a staff member has not personally behaved correctly.


Tip: Documents (as a copy) are helpful to make the facts understandable or prove it. If you have any of them, you should present them.


Tip: A timely complaint is helpful for all involved. In particular, it facilitates enlightenment when the event is still well remembered for all.

The processing time depends, among other things, on the content and degree of difficulty of the complaint. However, all complaints bodies are interested in resolving your complaint as soon as possible.

A decision in the proceedings of a supervisory complaint is not in a court of appeal. This means that the law does not provide for any opposition or action against this.

There are no formal requirements for the presentation of your concerns. However, the requirements for the protection of personal data provide for a separate declaration on the handling of this data.

Privacy Policy Form

If you wish, the staff of the complaints offices will also be happy to contact you in person. Simply let us know your accessibility.

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