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Apply for an education loan


If you need financial support for your education, you can apply for an education loan.

The education loan supports you in financing your school education or your studies. The loan is limited in time and particularly low-interest.
Your income and assets or those of your parents or spouse are basically irrelevant for the approval of the education loan. Collateral is not required of you. However, you do not have a legal claim to the education loan.

Funding level and funding period

The education loan can be granted as a loan up to EUR 7,200. The funding period is a maximum of 24 months.

For a course of study, the loan can initially only be granted to you until the end of the 12th university semester. After the end of the 12th university semester, you must prove when applying that you are admitted to the final examination and can complete the training within the possible funding period (24 months).

For a school education, an education loan can only be granted in the last 24 months of training. In addition, you must finish your training with a professional qualification or have previously obtained a vocational qualification. The training must be eligible for BAföG.

Studying abroad

Even if you study at a foreign university, you can get an education loan. The foreign educational institution must be recognized as equivalent.

Disbursement and repayment

The KfW Group will pay you the education loan in monthly installments of EUR 100.00, 200.00 or 300.00 each. You cannot change the amount of the rate you have requested during the requested payment period. However, you can receive an advance payment if you claim a corresponding need, for example for cost-intensive work materials. The advance payment can be up to EUR 3,600 if the total of 24 monthly installments and EUR 7,200 are not exceeded.

The repayment begins 4 years after the due date of the 1st payment. The repayment is made in monthly installments at EUR 120.00.

You can repay the loan in whole or in part at any time without incurring any additional costs or fees.


Interest accrues for the term. The interest rate is variable and depends on the 6-month EURIBOR (European Interbank Offered Rate). It shall be fixed on 1 April and 1 October for six months each. The nominal interest rate includes an annual administrative cost surcharge of one percent.

Note: Foreign students must also meet additional requirements.

  • The education loan is granted to adults up to the age of 36.
  • Only training courses at institutions that are recognised within the framework of the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) are funded.


As a student or student, you can get an education loan if you

  • pursue a bachelor's, master's or a degree with the degree of state examination or diploma full-time,
  • pursue an additional, supplementary or postgraduate course of study and already have the completion of an undergraduate course of study,
  • complete a semester abroad or a domestic or foreign internship as part of your studies (also outside Europe) or
  • in the case of studying abroad, attend a higher education institution equivalent to a domestic one,
  • have passed the intermediate examination in the case of an undergraduate course (such as a Bachelor's degree programme) (if your study regulations do not provide for an intermediate examination, you must have completed the usual achievements of the first two years of study – for students in Bachelor's degree programmes of the first year of study).


As a student, you can get an education loan if they

  • carry out full-time training in a training institution eligible for BAföG,
  • have a vocational qualification or achieve a vocational qualification with the training to be promoted, and
  • are in the penultimate or last year of training.
  • Copy of identity card
  • for pupils:
    • Current certificate of the school about the beginning, end and goal of the training
    • if applicable, certificate of the traineeship
  • for students:
    • Current certificate of enrolment with proof of the completed university/study semesters and semesters
    • if applicable: Intermediate examination certificate or written declaration from your university that no intermediate examination is provided for in your course of study and that the usual achievements of the first two years of training, in the case of a Bachelor's degree of the first year of study, have been completed, or an "intermediate examination form" completed by the university
    • Proof of additional, supplementary or postgraduate studies and a certificate of completion of an undergraduate course of study
    • Proof of the duration of the internship and of the connection with the visit to the training center (in the case of an internship abroad with German translation of the proof)
    • Proof that the achievements completed in the semester abroad can be credited
    • in the case of funding beyond the 12th semester, proof that you are admitted to the final examination (final examination form)
  • for foreign citizens additionally
    • Copy of passport (personal data and, if applicable, residence status)
    • Proof of residence permit
    • Current registration certificate
    • and, if applicable, the residence status form completed by the competent immigration office
    • for a German spouse: copy of the marriage certificate
    • for a German parent: copy of the birth certificate

Submission of the required documents: within 14 days, stating the online ID

The processing time depends on the volume of applications

Federal Office of Administration
50728 Cologne

E-mail: bildungskredit@bva.bund.de
fax: 022899 358-4850
Phone: 022899 358-4492 or 0221 758-4492

Telephone hours:

Monday - Thursday: 10.30 am – 12.00 pm and 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm
Friday: 10.30 am – 12.00 pm

Forms: no
Online procedure possible: yes
Written form required: yes
Personal appearance required: no

You can apply for an education loan online or in writing at the Federal Office of Administration

  • Go to the website of the Federal Office of Administration and click on "Online application"
  • You will receive an online ID after submitting your application.
  • Compile the necessary documents for your application and submit them to the Federal Office of Administration within 14 days, stating the online ID by post or scanned by e-mail.
  • After examining the application, you will receive a written notification. In the event of a positive decision, the BVA will send you a contract offer from KfW together with the decision.
  • KfW takes over the conclusion of the loan agreement, the payment of the installments and also the reclaim.

Federal Office of Administration

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