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Apply for an electronic health card for refugees


Refugees can also receive an electronic health card (eGK) for the first 15 months after their admission.

As before, the scope of the benefits is also governed by the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act. This includes in the first 15 months:

  • the medical treatment of acute illnesses and pain conditions,
  • the provision of vaccinations in accordance with the benefits of statutory health insurance and medically required preventive examinations, and
  • other benefits, provided that they are essential to ensure health or to cover the special needs of children (discretionary benefit).

The municipality reports the refugees to the responsible health insurance fund. The eGK sends these to the refugees. Until then, the refugees will receive a provisional billing slip for medical and dental care from the health insurance company. This is handed over to the refugees by the municipalities.

Refugees have left the initial reception centres and have been assigned to a commune.

  • Health care registration form
  • a photograph

There are no costs for the card for the refugees.

Maximum duration of the eGK for refugees:

On the eGK a corresponding field "Insurance until date" is provided, which allows a limitation of the card. The eGK for refugees can be limited for the first 15 months of residence.

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Federal Ministry of Health (BMG)

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