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Apply for part-time study


Part-time study provides financial and time relief. For part-time studies, you complete the same modules as full-time students. But you have more time to do that. You only have to provide half of the services or complete modules per semester. This will prolong your regular study period.

You can only start part-time studies if you have an important reason for doing so.

An important reason exists if you

  • are working
    • Your working hours should be adapted to your studies as you complete your studies during the day and during the week
  • are chronically ill or have a disability
  • Caring for family members
  • Caring for children

The respective university decides which courses of study are suitable for part-time study. At some universities, you cannot study part-time from the outset.

Would you like to combine your studies and your profession? Find out more about the possibility of part-time study here.

If you decide to study part-time, you must first apply to the university for a degree.

Find out online or at the university concerned whether your desired course of study is also suitable for part-time study.

If you are not yet enrolled, submit all documents and evidence that are important for enrolment in addition to your application. You can find out at the university whether you can study part-time from the beginning.

If you are already enrolled, you can apply for part-time study before each semester. Send the completed part-time application to the university within a certain period of time.

At some universities, you must attend a course of study counselling before and after applying.

You will receive the decision of your application in writing from the university.

Please contact the university.

  • General requirements for a course of study
  • There must be an important reason
  • Applying for part-time study

In addition, you must also submit documents for enrolment:

  • Proof of university entrance qualification (e.B. Abitur)
  • If necessary, proof of the further requirements of the course of study
  • Application or a completed form for admission to the university

You have to pay semester fees for a course of study.

In addition, tuition fees may also apply, e.B. for a senior studies or secondary studies.

You must submit the application in good time before the start of the semester.

You can usually find the application for part-time study online on the university's website.

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

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