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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a housing subsidy


Every home saver from the age of 16 receives the housing premium, as long as his taxable income does not exceed a certain limit.
In order to receive the housing premium, you regularly pay into a home savings contract.
The savings must be at least 50 euros per year.
As a housing premium, you receive 10% on the contributions paid during the year.
You should spend your subsidised savings on "housing purposes". For example, you can use it to build or buy a house or condominium.
If you do not use your credit balance around a property, you must repay the housing premium.

You will receive the application for the housing premium every year together with your bank statement from your building society.
Then fill out the form and send it back there.

The building society calculates the housing premium on the basis of your information; subject to subsequent verification by the tax authorities and inform you of the result. Unfounded applications for housing subsidies are rejected by the building society itself.

You can also apply for the premium two years retroactively - after the end of the savings year.

The check of the income limits is carried out automatically by your residence tax office.

As part of a data comparison, it is checked whether the housing premium has been set in excess of the statutory maximum amounts at different building societies. Furthermore, it is checked whether the income limits have been exceeded, whether the housing premium for capital-forming benefits has been set, although there is an entitlement to an employee savings allowance and whether the remaining expenses per building society amount to less than € 50 when claiming an employee savings bonus.
If, on the basis of the examination of the tax office, the determined housing premium is to be changed, this will be communicated to the building society electronically.
As soon as your home savings contract has been allocated and the residential use has been proven, your premiums will be paid directly to your home savings account.
The recovery of unduly granted housing premium is to be carried out by the building society.

You must be fully liable to tax in Germany and must be at least 16 years old.
A housing subsidy is granted if you make premium-subsidized expenses of at least 50 euros per year and do not exceed certain income limits.

Application for housing subsidy

(Information from your home savings contract - such as the contract or home savings number, identification number, tax assessment for the application year)

Application: annually up to two years after the end of the savings year

The tax authorities decide on the granting of the housing premium after expiry of the two-year submission period.

Forms: Application for a housing subsidy
Online procedure possible: yes
Written form required: no
Personal appearance required: no

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