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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Agree on tropical suitability study


If you are planning a professional stay in tropical and subtropical regions (between 40° north and 40° south latitude), you need occupational health care. This must be done before the stay and reoffered after the stay.

The precaution serves your safety and is intended to prevent illness in the exercise of the profession. This can be recognised as an occupational disease and result in compensation claims.

As part of the precautionary measure, you will receive occupational health advice on:

• climatic and hygienic situations at the destination,

• specific health risks and rules of conduct,

• Malaria and vaccination prophylaxis.

If necessary, a physical examination follows. It ensures that a tropical stay does not endanger your health.

Occupational health care must be taken before the start of the activity. Follow-up provisions within 24-36 months. Your employer must also arrange the follow-up provisions. For this purpose, appointments are arranged with specialized doctors/clinics. Contact your company doctor or employer.

For professional stays in tropical or subtropical areas, the employer is obliged to arrange occupational health care.

Contact your company doctor or employer.

The costs of pension provision shall be borne by the employer. The costs of vaccinations are borne by the employer or the health insurance company.

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Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Gender Equality

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