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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for loans in certain acute emergency situations


If you receive unemployment benefit II or social benefit, it includes a lump sum of money for the standard requirement. This flat-rate control requirement includes not only the current requirements but also the requirements arising at irregular or at large intervals. The amount of the control requirement depends on the assigned control requirement level, which depends on your age and your family situation.

The standard requirement covers in particular the following requirements:

  • nutrition
  • clothing
  • personal hygiene
  • furniture
  • household energy excluding the proportions accounted for by heating and production of hot water, and
  • personal needs of daily life (including participation in social and cultural life in the community).

If, due to special circumstances, you need more money for your everyday needs in the short term than the standard requirements for your individual case provides for and you can neither pay nor postpone these costs yourself, the job center will grant you an interest-free loan on request for the irreplaceable need.

An irresponsible need is given,

  • if it cannot be postponed and therefore a loan to avoid an acute emergency situation is inevitable, and
  • it cannot be expected that you will be able to compensate for this need with the next benefits to cover the standard requirements (unemployment benefit II or social benefit).

Examples include:

  • necessary repairs,
  • necessary purchases (for example, new winter clothes for adolescent children),
  • the impending blocking of the electricity supply (household electricity) due to so-called "new debts", unless you can cover them in any other way, for example by agreeing an instalment payment with the utility company,
  • theft or loss as well as
  • Apartment or house fire.

You must apply for the loan separately and you must prove the irreconsible need in principle. However, if you have assets that are within the allowance limits, you must first use them to finance the expenses. Depending on the situation, the job center can also instruct its field service to determine the need.

The job center can also decide that you will receive benefits in kind instead of money. The amount of the loan then corresponds exactly to the value of the required needs.

You must use the loan for the appropriate purpose. The job center can require proof of this (for example, a proof of purchase).

You need to repay the loan. The loan is added to your regular requirements on a monthly basis:

  • For 1 loan: 10 percent of your regular requirement (the relevant standard requirement level)
  • In the case of several loans: a maximum of 30 percent of your relevant control requirement (the relevant standard requirement level).

How the loan is offset in your specific case will be explained to you in writing. Repayment begins from the month following the disbursement of the loan.

If you receive unemployment benefit II or social benefit, you can obtain a loan from the job centre on application in acute emergency situations if you do not raise an amount that is actually to be covered from the standard requirement yourself and you cannot postpone the payment.

In order to get the loan, you must apply for it at your job center.

  • If possible, contact your contact person in the job center.
  • Make an application. You can also submit an informal application.
  • Submit your application with all proofs to your job center.
  • The job centre will check your application and your documents.
  • You will receive a notification from the job centre about the decision of your application (approved or rejected).
  • As a rule, the loan amount is transferred to your account. This is usually different, for example, in the case of electricity debts with an impending power cut. The loan amount is then transferred directly to your utility company.

In order to get the loan from the job center, you must prove that:

  • You have an acute, unique need, which by its nature belongs to the everyday needs (control requirement),
  • you are unable to compensate for this need by the benefit provided for this purpose (unemployment benefit II or social benefit) and you have no assets,
  • you have no other way to cover the demand (for example, via second-hand warehouse or clothing store) and,
  • the need is irreconsible. This is true,
    • if you can't postpone it, and
    • You cannot compensate for the need with the next services to cover the standard requirements.

Evidence that and to what extent there is an irresponsible need, for example

  • theft report,
  • Estimate or order for repairs and/or
  • current bank statements

None if you have an account.

If you do not have an account, you will receive a payment order for billing. That's a check. However, this incurs costs that are deducted directly from the service due to you. Since the amount of the costs for the payment order may vary, please contact your responsible job center. You can have the cheque converted into cash at the issuing credit institution.

Up to 6 months

Forms: depending on the job center
Online procedure possible: no
Written form required: no
Personal appearance necessary: no

You will receive any form you may receive from the job centre on site.

The ba's technical instructions only bind the job centres, which are run in the form of a joint institution (gE) of the Federal Employment Agency and the local municipal authority (municipality or district). In this respect, supervision is the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).

In addition, there are job centers that are run as approved municipal institutions (zkT) (so-called option municipalities). In this respect, supervision is the responsibility of the respective countries.

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