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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for planning permission for camping, weekend and golf courses


The development of a camping, weekend or golf course requires a building permit in principle. If you want to change such a place structurally, you must observe not only the usual building regulations (e.g. fire protection) but also regulations on size and transport connections.

Campsites are campsites which are operated throughout the year or again during certain periods of the year and which are intended for the temporary setting up and inhabiting of more than three caravans or tents.

Weekend places are places which are only used for setting up or building weekend houses with a maximum floor area of 40 m2 and a total height of no more than 3.20 m and which are operated constantly or recurrently during certain periods of the year.

You want to build a weekend place? Or you are the operator of a campsite and would like to make structural changes? Find out more about building regulations here.

As with the usual construction projects, you must first submit a building application to the lower building inspectorate. Only when you receive a building permit can you start your project.

The lower building inspectorates of the state of Saxony-Anhalt are responsible. These are the districts, county-free cities and the towns of Stendal, Köthen, Naumburg, Zeitz and Weißenfels.

  • Construction application

Depending on the project, different documents are required. You can find out which documents are required from your lower building inspectorate when you apply there.

Depending on the construction project, different fees are due.

The building permit is valid for 3 years. This may be extended by one year upon request.

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