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Apply for work aids for people with disabilities in education and work at the job centre


Individual work aids support people with disabilities in training or employment. The job centre coordinates the support with you as an employer for your company.

Examples of work aids are access ramps, sanitary facilities or conversions in operation. The costs of the work aids also include the necessary ancillary costs, such as planning costs, fees and expert costs. After a subsidy, your company becomes the owner of the work aid.

Depending on your decision, the job centre can cover all or part of the costs of the work aid for you.

Funding for work aids for people with disabilities is a matter of discretion, you do not have a legal claim to it.

You can only apply for the work aids for people with disabilities in education and work in writing:

  • Contact your contact person at the job centre.
  • Together you can discuss which work aids are suitable.
  • The application documents will either be sent to you by post or handed out in person. If you have any questions when filling out the applications, please contact your contact person.
  • Submit the documents with the required evidence to the job centre.
  • The job centre checks whether the person with disabilities can become the owner of the work aid so that he could take the work aid with him to the next job/employer.
    • In this case, the promotion of the work assistance would be carried out to and would be carried out with the person with disabilities.
  • The job centre checks the necessary scope of the work aids. It also checks whether a visit to the workplace may be necessary.
  • You will receive a provisional written notification as to whether the requested aid will be granted.
  • If you have a permit, you acquire the work aids for your company and submit the invoice to the job centre.
  • At the end, you will receive a notification of approval for the specific service.

You can find the department of the Federal Employment Agency responsible for you via the service finder.

As an employer, you can receive a subsidy from the job centre for work aids in the company under the following conditions:

  • The work aid is necessary for the long-term participation of people with disabilities in working life.
  • You do not have to cover the costs of the work aid yourself. In principle, as an employer, you are responsible for a disability-friendly workplace for severely disabled and equivalent people with disabilities.
  • The implementation of the work aid would be unreasonable for you or associated with disproportionately high effort.
  • The work aid is additionally required for a handicapped accessible workplace or training place.
  • The person for whom the work aid is intended has a disability or is threatened with a disability.
  • The Employment Agency is the responsible rehabilitation provider for the person with (imminent) disability. This usually applies to people before initial vocational training and if no other rehabilitation provider (e.g. employers' liability insurance association or German pension insurance) is responsible.
  • Application form
  • Estimate
  • Employment or training contract of a person with disabilities
  • Invoice (to be submitted retrospectively after application)

You can find out which documents are required in your case on the application form.

Make sure that you must submit the application before you buy the work aid, sign a purchase contract or start the expansion or conversion work.

Forms available: No
Written form required: Yes
Informal application possible: No
Personal appearance required: No
Online services available: No

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Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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