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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for recognition of a forestry association


Forestry Associations (FV) are private-law associations of forest management associations or similar associations. The sole purpose is to adapt forestry production and the sale of forest products to market requirements.

Merger of recognised forest farming groups or similar groups to adapt forestry production to market requirements

  • Formal written application for recognition and granting of legal capacity to the country's highest forestry authority
  • All required documents must be fully attached

Contact the State Administration Office.

  • The Forestry Association must be a legal person under private law
  • the Forestry Association must be able to work towards the adaptation of forestry production and the sale of forest products in a sustainable manner
  • The statutes must contain provisions on the abandonment and financing of the Forestry Association;
  • The Forestry Association must allow substantial competition to be maintained in the timber market
  • Formal application for recognition and granting of legal capacity
  • Founding protocol of the association in copy
  • Attendance list of the founding meeting in copy
  • original statutes adopted, dated and signed by all members of the Board of Management
  • List of members and areas of the Forestry Association
  • Contact details of the Forestry Association
  • if necessary, application for exemption from fees
  • €1.00 - €51.00;
  • on request, exemption from fees due to the special public interest

About four to six weeks

Section 38 Federal Forest Act (BWaldG)


Section 19 Federal Forest Act (BWaldG) (Award of Legal Capacity)


Section 22 Civil Code (BGB) (economic association)


Section 38 Federal Forest Act (BWaldG)

Formal written application

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Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection (MLUK) of the State of Brandenburg, Division 3

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