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Apply for in-company training for people with disabilities who are fully disabled


Due to the nature or severity of your disability, you are currently unable to be employed on the general labour market, not yet or not yet again, and would still like to complete regular training? Then, under certain conditions, the Federal Employment Agency provides a budget for training, provided that it is its responsible rehabilitation provider.

One prerequisite is that you conclude a contract with a company for a training relationship subject to social security contributions in a recognised training occupation or for specialist training.

If you do not yet have an apprenticeship, the Employment Agency will initially support you in your search for a (suitable) training place.

Only initial vocational training is funded, not further training.

During the training, the budget for training supports the following achievements:

  • The company is reimbursed for the training allowance including the employer's social security contribution.
  • The costs for disability-related guidance and support at the training place and at the vocational school are covered.
  • If the school part of the training because of the disability is carried out in a vocational rehabilitation institution, the necessary costs are covered.

You can choose who supports you and you organize the services yourself. Before that, however, the necessary scope of support will be checked and agreed according to your individual needs. You obtain offers and have professionally suitable persons, who are to take over your guidance and accompaniment, describe how their support should be provided in concrete terms. On this basis, your advisor decides and approves the amount of the benefit, for example.

In addition, you are entitled to training allowance during the promotion. However, your training allowance will be deducted from it.

You will receive the budget for training as long as it is required. However, at most until the successful completion of your training.

If several people who are supported with a budget for training work in one company, they can also take advantage of guidance or support together.

If, during your training, you find that you prefer to receive services in the initial procedure and vocational training in a workshop for disabled people or with another service provider, a change is possible. The periods of the budget for training are then credited, if necessary, to the duration of the entry procedure and vocational training area.

In order to get a budget for education, you need to contact your employment agency:

  • Make an appointment with the Vocational Rehabilitation and Participation team of your Employment Agency.
  • If you do not yet have a personal contact person, make an appointment via the service hotline of the Federal Employment Agency.
  • In a personal conversation, you will clarify together whether the budget for training is basically suitable for you.
  • Your advisor will also discuss with you the forms and supporting documents that you need to complete and submit. You can also fill in the documents online.
  • They submit necessary documents, for example the offer of a rehabilitation facility about costs for the school part of the training or descriptions of who should carry out the guidance and accompaniment, how and under what conditions.
  • Finally, your advisor checks whether the eligibility requirements are met, whether the training allowance is appropriate and decides on the documents submitted.
  • If the Federal Employment Agency is not responsible in your case, it will forward your application to the responsible rehabilitation provider.

You can receive a budget for training under the following conditions:

  • You have a disability and the Federal Employment Agency is your responsible rehabilitation provider.
  • Your prospects of participating or participating again in working life are not only temporarily significantly reduced due to the nature or severity of your disability and you therefore need help to participate in working life.
    • Or: You are threatened with a disability with the same professional consequences.
  • Due to the nature or severity of your disabilities, you cannot, not yet or not yet re-enter the general labour market and would therefore be entitled to benefits in the entry procedure and vocational training area in a workshop for disabled people or with another service provider.
  • You conclude a contract with a private or public employer for a training relationship subject to social security contributions in a recognised training occupation or for specialist practical training.
  • The training relationship is entered by the competent authority in the register of vocational training relationships.

When contacting your advisor, please ask which documents you need in detail.

Processing usually takes several weeks.

Objection to the Employment Agency that issued the decision. Further information on how to file an objection can be found in the respective notification.

Forms available: No
Written form required: No
Informal application possible: Yes
Personal appearance required: Yes
Online services available: Yes

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