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Apply for hardship waiver of the BAföG repayment debt after rejection of a cooperation decree


Your decision for or against a BAföG training loan should not lead you to fear debt. In this way, you can make a hardship decree if the cooperation decree has been rejected.

Hardship means only a minor violation of your obligations to pay and cooperate throughout the entire repayment period.

Your application may:

  • lead to a hardship waiver:
    • You will be forgiven the (residual) debt of your BAföG loan.
  • lead to a rejection:
    • You must repay the remaining debts in the amount of your BAföG loan, including open costs and interest.

You can submit your application informally

  • telephonic
  • in writing and
  • online

at the Federal Administration Office (BVA).

If the cooperation decree has been rejected, you can apply for hardship waiver of your loan under certain conditions.

You can submit the application informally

  • telephonic
  • in writing and
  • online

at the Federal Administration Office (BVA).

  • If you submit your application by phone:
    • Call one of the telephone numbers of the BVA.
    • Make the request.
  • If you submit your application in writing:
    • Send the informal, as well as signed application - stating your business sign - by post to the BVA.
  • If you submit your application online:
    • Open the BAföG-Online Portal of the BVA and register there.
    • After registration, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Follow the steps in the email to complete the registration process.
    • Register in the BAföG-Online Portal.
    • Click on "Application forms" and select the form "Hardship Waiver" via the button "Submit application".
    • Fill out the form and press the button "Send".
  • You will receive the decision on your application by post from the BVA.
  • If your application is approved, you are debt-free and do not have to repay the loan.
  • If your application is rejected, you will have to repay the remaining loan debt, including any outstanding costs and interest, in one sum.

You may submit an application if:

  • They were rejected by a cooperation decree by the Federal Administration Office (BVA).

Requirements for the hardship waiver:

  • within the repayment period
    • have been charged against you a maximum of 1 time address determination costs;
      • this happens if you have not communicated the change of your name or the changes in your residential address and the Federal Administration Office (BVA) had to determine them
    • a fine has never been imposed on you;
      • Fines will be levied if you have not communicated changes in the relevant family and income situation during an exemption or deferral
    • you have paid all payment obligations, including cost and interest receivables;
      • are accrued for a maximum of 150 days.

Interest is always charged if you have fallen behind with a payment for more than 45 days.

Application: within 1 month after rejection of the cooperation decree

  • Processing time of the application: 3 months
  • Forms: no
  • Online procedure possible: yes
  • Written form required: no
  • personal appearance: no
Link to the online procedure on a website of the Federal Administrative Office

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