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Apply for a safety assessment of systems after an accident


After a serious accident specified in the law, the competent authority may order a safety assessment of certain installations requiring monitoring in accordance with the Industrial Safety Ordinance by an approved inspection body.

The employer must make an accident or damage report. This is possible in writing or online. The authority may then order a safety inspection by an approved inspection body. This is to be carried out by the employer at his own expense.

Contact the State Office for Consumer Protection.

There must be a notifiable event in connection with an installation requiring monitoring, in the case of a

  1. An accident in which a person has been killed or seriously injured, or an accident
  2. In the event of damage in which components or safety-related devices have failed.

The Authority shall consider it necessary to carry out a review by a specific Approved Surveillance Body.

Fees and expenses apply.

If, following a major accident, the authority recognises the need for a safety assessment, it will immediately order it and set a deadline for its implementation. There are no statutory deadlines.

An order is issued approximately 1-2 weeks after the authority is aware of the circumstances relevant to the decision, which allows the decision on a necessary examination. A possible objection is usually processed within 4 weeks.

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Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour, Health and Demography Rhineland-Palatinate

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