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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Applying for inclusion in the list of prequalified companies


In order to participate in public contracts, your company must prove that none of the legally established formal grounds for exclusion exist. The entry in the directory is considered proof of suitability, so that you only have to enter an individual access code or attach a copy of the certificate each time you submit an offer. As a prequalified company, you have a presumption of suitability. This means that contracting authorities only obtain evidence of their suitability in case of reasonable doubt.

As a prequalified company or freelancer, you can use different search criteria such as name, registered office, CPV code, etc. , for example, when contracting authorities are looking for suitable companies.

As a company from the supply and service sector (including freelancers), you can apply for registration. Only as a pure construction company you are excluded, because there is another directory for construction companies.

In order to retain your prequalification, you must submit the proof of suitability for the preliminary examination once a year to the prequalification body responsible for your (main) place of business. After final examination by the responsible IHK, your company will be entered in the official directory.

In addition to the mandatory certificates, you can submit further proof of the qualification of the company/freelancer. These are also subject to verification and can be viewed by the contracting authority as deposited documents.

The documents checked by the IHKs can only be viewed by the contracting authority who has the certificate with its specific access code. However, the official register is generally accessible.

The directory is updated every day.

  • You or Your company is qualified and entitled to carry out your business
  • You can prove your economic and financial capacity.
  • You can prove your technical and professional ability.
  • You can prove that there are no general compelling grounds for exclusion.
  • You can prove that there are no general optional grounds for exclusion, e.g. past violations.
  • Commercial, association, partnership or cooperative register extract (depending on legal form and registration obligation)
  • Business license, depending on the permit required of the trade
  • Business registration/re-registration (does not apply to freelancers)
  • Certificate of membership from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Crafts, or a professional chamber
  • Certificate/confirmation of professional/business liability insurance
  • Self-declaration that there has been no serious misconduct
    (In the case of more than three persons with sole power of representation, the personally signed declaration of three persons is sufficient. This must include the person responsible for public procurement.)
  • Certificate in tax matters from the tax office, in Saxony self-declaration
  • When applying for a GmbH & Co. KG: Certificate for both the GmbH & Co. KG and the GmbH
  • Certificate of statutory social insurance (health insurance certificate)
  • Clearance certificate issued by the employers' liability insurance association
  • Extract from the Central Trade Register GZR 3 (for sole proprietorships) or GZR 4 (for legal entities, commercial partnerships and associations), when applying for a GmbH & Co. KG: GZR 4 for the KG and GZR 4 for the GmbH
  • Note: Some of the certificates must be presented in the original and must generally not be older than three months. Further information can be found in the further information.

  • Cost framework for registration by the IHK: 50 – 74 EUR
  • Prequalification budget: 160 to 180 EUR
  • The amount of the respective costs varies depending on the federal state.
  • The costs are cumulative.
  • The certificate of entry in the Official Register is valid for one year. This period shall begin to run from the date of registration.
  • Should your company make changes in the course of the year with regard to the proof of suitability and reliability, the company is obliged to inform the official directory of this, as the official register may then have to be changed (possibly also deletion of the entry).

From completeness of the documents, the prequalification usually takes no longer than three weeks, the subsequent registration by the IHK takes a maximum of six working days.

Contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

You apply for prequalification at the prequalification body, after examination you will be included in the directory.

  • On the website www.amtlichesverzeichnis-ihk.de you will find the online application
  • Fill it out and attach the documents required there
  • If you have any questions, please contact the order advice centres and IHKs listed under "Responsibility and Costs".
  • The prequalification bodies shall check whether the conditions for registration are met and, if necessary, request documents from:
  • If all registration requirements are met, the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce will enter you in the official directory.
  • You will receive a certificate with certificate number and an access code
  • In the case of public tenders, you shall communicate these two numbers in your tender to the contracting authority so that it can have access to your supporting documents filed in the official register.

Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce

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