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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Obtaining a permit for employment in foreign installations or establishments exposed to ionising radiation


If you work in facilities with exposure to ionizing radiation or want to employ other people there, you must apply for a permit.

Radiation protection is about protecting people and the environment from the effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation from natural and artificial radiation sources.

If you are a company or sole proprietor working in a facility or facility, or if you employ people where exposure to ionizing radiation can result in an effective dose of more than 1 millisievert per calendar year, you must apply for a permit. In this case, the persons are considered to be professionally exposed persons.

For activities in connection with the operation of third-party X-ray equipment and interfering radiators, you can choose between a permit (according to § 25 StrlSchG) and a notification (according to § 26 StrlSchG). This permit is usually valid nationwide.

The permit applies to you if you have a company that carries out repair or maintenance work in nuclear power plants, for example, or a cleaning company that operates in a nuclear medicine facility.

For approval, you need at least one radiation protection officer who has the necessary expertise in radiation protection. A radiation passport is usually required for you or for each employee who is to be used; Exceptions are possible with official approval if the persons are only used in a third-party facility or facility. The radiation protection officer arranges for medical supervision of the professionally exposed persons (§ 77 StrlSchV).

The authorisation shall be limited to a maximum of five years.

If you would like to apply for a permit for employment in third-party facilities or facilities, please inquire with the competent state authority about the end of the procedure.

Please contact the State Office for Consumer Protection.

  • No concerns about the reliability of the applicant, his legal representative or entitled person
  • The number of radiation protection officers with the necessary powers and expertise in radiation protection necessary for the safe execution of the activity
  • Instead of a radiation protection officer, the applicant or his legal representative may also have the necessary expertise in radiation protection.
  • Persons otherwise engaged in the activity must possess the necessary knowledge and skills with regard to the possible radiation hazard and the protective measures to be applied.
  • The necessary equipment must be available and appropriate measures must be taken to comply with the relevant protective provisions of the Radiation Protection Act and the Radiation Protection Ordinance.
  • Application for authorisation to work in third-party installations and facilities
  • Copies of the order letters of the radiation protection officers
  • Evidence of the expertise in radiation protection of the radiation protection officers
  • Copy of the radiation protection instruction
  • As a rule, police clearance certificate of the applicant and the radiation protection officer
  • Delimitation agreements (draft may be sufficient)

Yes. Determined by the countries.

Please inquire with the competent state authority.

  • Forms: Application for permission to work in third-party facilities and facilities (you can obtain the form from the competent state authority)
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance required: no
  • The permit is usually granted with nationwide validity.
  • For activities in connection with the operation of third-party X-ray equipment and interference emitters, you can choose between a nationwide permit and a country-specific display.

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Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

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