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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for rental bus permit


If you want to carry out the transport of more than nine people with motor vehicles outside the regular service in Germany (occasional traffic), you need a permit for this. This is granted for the desired type of transport (rental bus transport, excursions or holiday destination trips).

Submission of the application form and the additional required application documents;

Examination of applications;

Initiation of the hearing procedure with the participation of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, LRÄ in particular the lower transport authorities, the professional associations, the Office for Occupational Safety and Health, etc.

Granting of the permit by means of a decision, after the entry into force of title, the approval documents are handed over.

Please contact the road traffic authority of the county/city.

Applicants must:

  1. personally reliable;
  2. financially efficient and
  3. be professionally suitable.

Formal application:

Name as well as domicile and place of business, in the case of natural persons birthday and place of birth; the beginning and end of the requested period of validity; information on the number, type and capacity (number of seats) of the vehicles used;

Supplementary application documents and proof of the existence of the approval requirements according to § 13 PBefG:

Certificate of good conduct, extract from the Central Trade Register; Clearance certificates from the social security institutions, the employers' liability insurance association, the tax office and the municipality with regard to the proper tax payment; Proof of financial capacity as well as the IHK certificate of competence

The fee is calculated on the basis of the Cost Ordinance for Official Acts in The Carriage of Persons with Motor Vehicles (PBefGKostV).

Basis of the fee calculation:

  • Number of vehicles
  • the duration of the authorisation

A decision on the application must be made within 3 months. This period may be extended by a further 3 months.

The processing time is usually four to six weeks.

§ 49 Passenger Transport Act (PBefG)

§ 2 Passenger Transport Act (PBefG)

Ordinance on the Operation of Motor Transport Companies (BoKraft)

Ordinance on Access to the Occupation of Road Passenger Transport Operator (PBZugV)

Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV)

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