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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a new disability card


The severely disabled person's card is a nationwide proof of the status as a severely disabled person. In it, the degree of disability (GdB) and possible signs are recorded. It also states the duration of validity.
Please note that the severely disabled person's pass is usually valid for a limited period of time. Apply for a new issue in good time when the validity period of your CARD expires.
You can apply for a new disability card at the pension office or the competent authority under state law.
You will need a severely disabled person's card in order to benefit from certain rights and assistance (compensation for disadvantages), for example:

  • special protection against dismissal under labour law,
  • Entitlement to additional leave,
  • reductions in income taxation,
  • free transport by public passenger transport
  • Use of disabled parking spaces, parking facilities,
  • exemption from broadcasting fees,
  • Reduced admission to events

Possible additional health characteristics/markers include:

  • aG - extraordinary walking disability
  • H - Helpless within the meaning of the Income Tax Act
  • Bl - Blind
  • Gl - Deaf
  • RF - Reduction of the broadcasting fee
  • B - Authorization to take an accompanying person with you
  • G - Significant impairment of the ability to move in road traffic
  • TBl - Deafblind

The basic colour of the disability card is green. If one of the marks "G", "aG", "H", "Bl" or "Gl" has been detected, the card has an orange surface print. The badge with the orange surface print allows free transport in passenger transport.

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