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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a permit for monument law


The wealth of monuments in Central Germany, and especially in Saxony-Anhalt, is above average. More than 60,000 cultural monuments and unique cultural landscapes characterize the region. The monuments from different eras are of the highest importance for cultural tourism and are part of Saxony-Anhalt's sights. Important historical heritage has been recognized as a World Heritage Site of mankind in recent years and has been placed under the protection of UNESCO.

The preservation of our cultural heritage as part of history is a task of the state. This also means that he is taking a leading role in the tasks of monument protection. The state is fulfilling its responsibilities by protecting monuments from inappropriate changes that destroy historical significance. He grants financial benefits to the monument owner and advises him on the professional preservation.

The lower monument protection authority is usually responsible for the protection of monuments and thus the contact person for applications for changes to monuments. You can find them in the administration of your county or your county-free or large county-wide city.

The state office for the preservation of monuments and archaeology is responsible for the professional supervision, assessment and advice of the listed buildings.

Website State Office for the Preservation of Monuments and Archaeology.

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