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Apply for career advancement support


With the Promotion BAföG according to the Advancement Training Promotion Act (AFBG), the Federal Government and the Länder financially support participation in vocational advancement training measures by contributing to the costs of the measure and to living expenses. You are entitled to funding if you meet the legal requirements.

The funding includes state subsidies that do not have to be repaid. In addition, you will have the opportunity to receive a low-interest loan from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). This loan can cover the difference between the state subsidies and the maximum amount of support.

With the promotion BAföG, the following are supported regardless of income:

  • the costs of the course,
  • the examination fees and
  • the material costs for a master craftsman's examination project.

In the case of full-time measures, livelihoods are also supported depending on income.

Under certain conditions, they can take advantage of the funding up to three times.

You are entitled to the subsidy if, among other things:

  • prepare for an eligible training objective,
  • the preparatory measure includes a certain minimum duration and number of lessons per week or month,
  • the action does not exceed a maximum timeframe,
  • the provider of the training is certified or has another quality assurance system in place, and
  • You meet the personal eligibility requirements.

For more information about prerequisites, see https://www.aufstiegs-bafög.de.

You can find out which documents are required in your case from the application forms.

The measure contribution must be applied for at the latest by the end of the measure, in the case of several independent sections by the end of the respective measure section.

The processing time depends on the submission of the complete application documents.

  • Decision: Objection; Administrative court action
  • Loan agreement: civil action

Please contact the Office for Training Funding at your district or your district-free city.

  • The forms required for an application for promotion BAföG are available for download under https://www.aufstiegs-bafoeg.de/de/antragsformulare-1702.html as fillable files.
  • You can also obtain the application forms from the competent authorities.
  • Online procedure possible: yes
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance required: no

The office responsible for you will advise and inform you about the funding opportunities with the Promotion BAföG.

  • You submit your application for funding in writing or electronically to the office responsible for you.
  • Upon receipt of the complete application documents, the competent authority decides on the amount of funding and you receive a benefit decision on the state subsidies.
  • You will then receive a contract offer from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) for the possible supplementary loan.
  • If you are to become ill during the training, e.B., you must inform both the training provider and the responsible body.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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