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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for an old-age pension


In order to enjoy the pension life from the beginning, it is important to take care of the application for the pension in good time, because benefits of the statutory pension insurance are generally only granted on application. Applications are received by various bodies, which also provide the necessary forms and offer assistance.

The pension amount in the statutory pension insurance is adjusted on 01.07. of each year.

If you have reached the standard retirement age but have not yet applied for a pension, you automatically increase your pension entitlement without further payment of contributions. As compensation, there is a supplement of 0.5 percent for each calendar month that you do not claim the pension after reaching the standard retirement age. That's six percent after one year.

Prerequisites are:

  • You have the rulentenalter reached.
    has been gradually increased from 65 years to 67 years since 2012.
  • You have paid contributions for at least five years.
  • Your pension insurance account has been clarified.

The following documents are required:

  • Completed pension application
  • Identity card
  • Evidence that is not recorded in the insurance history, for example:
    • Proof of training periods
    • Evidence of unemployment
    • Evidence of sick leave
    • Set-off certificates
    • Birth certificates of the children
    • Marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate

You can find out which documents and applications are still required in your case from the responsible office.

The inclusion of pension applications and the associated support in completing and supplementing the application forms are free of charge.

You should apply 3 months before reaching retirement age in order to receive the first pension payment in time.

If you apply later than 3 months after the date on which you have fulfilled all the requirements, the pension starts at the earliest with the month of application.

The responsibility lies with the German Pension Insurance.

The pension insurance institutions and the insurance office of your district or city responsible for your place of residence provide the necessary application forms and offer help in filling out the forms and compiling the necessary documents.

You must apply for the old-age pension in writing or online.

Send the fully completed pension application directly to your pension insurance institution.

You can also have your application taken up there and then receive advice and help on the subject of pensions at the same time.

Once your application has been approved, Deutsche Post AG's pension service will transfer your pension to your account on a monthly basis. In the case of those with statutory health insurance, a personal contribution to health and long-term care insurance is deducted.

The pension is paid to the bank on the last working day of each month.

You can also have your pension transferred to someone else's account.

Since 2012, the start of a pension for a standard old-age pension has been gradually increased from the age of 65 to the age of 67. It is currently (2019) at 65 years and 10 months. Further information can be found on the Internet on the pages of the German Pension Insurance.

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Integration Saxony-Anhalt

The insurance institutions and the  insurance office of your district or city responsible for your place of residence also provide the necessary application forms and offer help in filling out the forms and compiling the necessary documents.

Applications can also be submitted to all other social service providers (e.B health insurance, employment agency) and abroad to the official representations of the Federal Republic of Germany. All these bodies are obliged to forward your application immediately to the competent pension insurance institution.

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