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There are 13 services for Keeping animals

Keeping animals

There are more than 30 million pets living in households in Germany. Do you keep pets and have questions, for example about dog tax and keeping dogs? This section provides contacts at public authorities and information about keeping animals, pet taxes and legal questions, ranging from registering a dog to the protection of animals to keeping wild animals.


Adopting an animal from a shelter

Have you found an animal in an animal shelter that suits you? Get in touch with the shelter.

Changing dog ownership

If the information provided during the registration of the dog changes, this must be communicated immediately. Notification of the change is necessary in the case of: ...

Dog keeping Deregistration due to surrender of the dog

The owner of the dog, who is stored in the dog register, must inform the competent authority about the delivery of the dog, indicating the day of delivery. In addition, the...

Dog keeping change due to change of liability insurer

The owner of the dog stored in the dog register must inform the competent authority of a change of liability insurer.The competent body shall issue a certificate by means of a...

Dog keeping change due to relocation

The owner of the dog stored in the dog register must inform the competent authority of a change of address. In addition, the owner of a dog that is dangerous in individual cases...

Implanting identification chips in dogs

The implantation of identification chips in dogs is carried out by the competent authority. The chip does not replace the dog tag, because the stamp proves that the dog tax has...

Opt out of dog ownership

You must deregister the keeping of a dog at Abandonment of dog ownership Submission of the dog Death of the dog Loss of the dog The deregistration as well as the return...

Recognize persons and facilities for the acceptance of character tests on dogs

The recognition of an expert person or body shall be effected upon application to the competent authority.

Register your dog

Do you keep a dog? Then you have to register it.

Report pests/vermin

According to § 2 No. 12 of the Infection Protection Act, rats are health pests, as they can transmit pathogens to humans. As a rule, rats occur where they find sufficient food,...

Report pet ownership of specially protected species

In accordance with § 7 (2) of the Federal Species Protection Ordinance (BArtSchV), all owners of live vertebrates of the specially or strictly protected species must immediately...

Request information from the list of members of the Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons

The Tierärztekammer of a Land (also Landestierärztekammer) is the legal professional representation of all veterinarians living and working in this federal state. Every...

Request to keep dangerous dogs

Dogs for which the competent authority has determined the dangerousness in individual cases may only be kept with a permit . Permission to keep such a dog must be applied for in...