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There are 27 services for Spending time abroad

Spending time abroad

Follow your dreams of travel. But whether you are planning a semester abroad, want to visit exotic destinations or will be travelling with children in tow, safety and health are important. Here you will find information for long, short or unusual stays abroad.


Apply for a child's passport extension

When the child's passport expires, you can apply for an extension as a guardian.

Apply for a children's passport

If you want to travel with your children outside of Germany, you must apply for a travel document for the child, such as a children's passport, identity card or, depending on...

Apply for a frequent traveller passport

For frequent travelers, a passport of 48 pages can be issued.

Apply for a passport

In many countries outside the European Union (EU), you will need a passport when entering the country. With German citizenship, you can apply for a German passport.

Apply for a passport due to expiry of validity

An extension of the passport is not possible. If the passport has expired, you must be issued a new passport if the passport is still needed.

Apply for a passport due to name change

After a name change during a marriage or the establishment of a civil partnership, a new passport is required. The issuance of a new passport is only necessary if the passport...

Apply for a passport expressly

The delivery time for a passport is usually at least 2 weeks. If you need a passport at short notice, you can apply for the passport in an express procedure.

Apply for a temporary passport

A temporary machine-readable passport is only issued if the time itself for issuing an express passport (production time on weekdays within 72 hours) is too short and it can no...

Apply for an emergency travel document for foreigners

If, as a foreigner, you discover that your travel documents have expired shortly before you leave Germany, you can apply for an emergency travel document under certain conditions.

Apply for national visa

If you want to enter Germany for a longer-term stay, you must apply for a national visa.

Apply for passport abroad

If you live abroad, you can apply for your German passport abroad at a German representation.

Applying for a death certificate for Germans abroad without German residence

If a German or a German without a permanent residence in Germany dies abroad, you can have the death subsequently notarized at the responsible German registry office.  

Applying for a death certificate for death abroad

Properly issued death certificates from abroad are generally recognised in Germany. There is no obligation to re-notarize.However, the subsequent entry in the death register can...

Applying for a death certificate in the event of death on a foreign seagoing vessel

You can apply for the subsequent certification of a death on a foreign seagoing vessel in a German death register at the responsible German registry office.

Applying for a residence permit to participate in the European Voluntary Service

If you wish to participate in a European Voluntary Service under EU Directive 2016/801, you can apply for a temporary residence permit

Change children's passport

The data in the children's passport must always be up-to-date. If the place of residence indicated in the children's passport has changed, this must be corrected in the...

Check children's passport status

If you have applied for a children's passport, you can always obtain information about the processing status.

Check passport status

You can inquire about the processing status of the passport at the responsible office.

Declaration of cash at border crossing

If you are carrying cash and equivalent means of payment of EUR 10,000 or more when entering or leaving Germany, you must inform customs.

Have your passport changed

The data in the passport must always be up-to-date. In case of changes, you will need to apply for a new passport for one: Name change in case of marriage or establishment of...

Issuing a death certificate in case of death abroad

You can apply for the issuance of a German death certificate for a death occurring abroad at the responsible German registry office.

Obtain certificate for taking narcotics when traveling abroad

As a patient, you are allowed to export or import narcotics prescribed by your doctor as travel necessities in quantities appropriate for the duration of a trip. When traveling...

Pick up your passport

Would you like to pick up your passport? Find out more here.

Report a child's passport

You are obliged to report the loss of the children's passport immediately. A message is required for the following events: Report of theft Notification of loss Report for...

Report the discovery or loss of a passport

If you lose or find your passport, you must report it. This also applies if your passport is stolen.

Request travel document for emergency

If you notice shortly before the start of your trip that your ID card has expired, you can, under certain conditions, apply for replacement papers at short notice as a German...

Schengen - visa application

Nationals who require a visa for a short stay in Germany or in the Schengen area must apply for one at one of the missions of the Federal Republic of Germany in good time before...