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There are 9 services for Special regulations for working hours

Special regulations for working hours

Along with the usual working hours, there are special regulations for certain situations. Examples include part-time work for older employees and winter pay for employees in weather-dependent industries. Here is an overview of information and services regarding these regulations.


Apply for an exemption from Sunday and public holiday rest for the travel industry

Would you like to apply for an exemption from Sunday and public holiday rest? Click here for more information.

Applying for an exemption from the ban on working on Sundays and public holidays

If you as an employer want employees to work in your company or company on a Sunday or public holiday, you need a permit.

Applying for derogations from rules on night working hours

Are you planning longer night working hours for your employees? Then you can have these subdetermined conditions approved by the locally competent office for occupational safety...

Applying for seasonal short-time working allowance

If your company belongs to the construction industry or a similar company and you have work absences during the so-called bad weather period, you can partially compensate for...

Applying for short-time working allowance

If there is an unavoidable temporary absence from work in your company, short-time working allowance can be paid in whole or in part for your employees. The loss of earnings is...

Applying for transfer short-time working allowance

If your company has to permanently reduce staff due to restructuring, you can receive temporary transfer short-time work allowance for these employees, which partially...

Request Sunday and holiday exemptions

The Sunday and holiday laws of the Länder, which differ from each other in detail, provide for prohibitions on public events. This is especially true on days with increased...

Request longer daily working hours

Under certain conditions, you as an employer can be granted longer daily working hours for employees in your company.

Requesting a derogation from rest

Under certain conditions, you as an employer can have employees in your company granted rest periods deviating from working time regulations.