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There are 27 services for Buying, renting and leaseholds

Buying, renting and leaseholds

Have you found a good location close to your customers? Property ownership, liens and rights concerning commercial properties are documented in the land register (Grundbuch) or the cadastral register (Liegenschaftsbuch) or cadastral map (Liegenschaftskarte).


Acquire state-owned land and real estate

The public sector can sell its own land, buildings and objects. You can find out below how to become an owner.

Apply for a copy of a land register

The land register is used for legal transactions with real estate. In particular, the ownership structure and the private law encumbrances of the land such as rights of way,...

Apply for border inspection

If you would like to have the local course of one or more of your parcel boundaries indicated, you can apply for this at the State Office for Surveying and Geoinformation...

Apply for deregistration of a property in the land register

Each property is shown in the land register in a special place on its own land register sheet. In principle, a booking obligation in the land register applies to real estate....

Apply for parcel determination without property surveying

Your parcel has already been measured once and you would like to see further parcels from it? Then apply for a parcel determination without property surveying.

Apply for registration in the land register

Registration of ownership of immovable property or encumbrances and restrictions on immovable property

Apply for registration of a compulsory mortgage in the land register

If you have a pecuniary claim from a judgment or other enforceable title, you can also enforce it in the debtor's property (e.B. land).

Applying for a merger of a parcel

Does your property consist of many parcels that are no longer necessary in this subdivision? If the prerequisites are met, the individual parcels can be merged into one parcel.

Applying for a permit for flying structures

Are you the owner of a ride, stage or grandstand? Before you can put this into operation, you need a permit.

Applying for expropriation proceedings

Expropriation is a form of state access to land or rights to the land.

Applying for registration of a debtor in the land register by a creditor

Registration of an authorized person to correct the land register

Applying for the attribution of a plot of land

You are the owner of several plots of land and want them to be entered in the land register as a single plot of land.

Applying for the dismantling of a parcel

Would you like to further subdivide a parcel for a construction project, for example? This can be done with a parcel disassembly.

Close partial ownership land register

You can have partial ownership land registers closed again if all partial ownership rights have been united in your person.

Close the housing land register

You can have land registers closed again if all condominium rights have united in your person.

Have a partial ownership land register created

Partial ownership is the ownership of non-residential rooms of a building in conjunction with the co-ownership share of the common property.

Have property owners' rights recorded in the land register

If you as a property owner have rights to another property (serving property) (e.g. an emergency right of way), you can have this noted in the land register of your property...

Have the land register created

Residential property is the ownership of an apartment in conjunction with the co-ownership share of the common property.

Have the registration of the heritable building owner corrected

You can apply for the correction of the heritable land register if there is a land register inaccuracy.

Real estate transfer tax

If you carry out a legal transaction that relates to a domestic property, it is subject to real estate transfer tax.

Register heritable building rights to several plots of land or to heritable building rights

The heritable building right is the right, usually against payment of a so-called heritable building interest, to erect a building on a property that belongs to someone else.

Request access to the land register

The land register informs about the legal situation of a property. Under certain conditions, you can inspect the land register.

Request deletion of encumbrances and restrictions in the land register

The deletion of encumbrances or restrictions (e.B. easement, usufruct) in the land register is possible if the entitled person waives the exercise of the right. If a person...

Request information from the purchase price collection

Information from the purchase price collection is provided by the expert committees upon proof of legitimate interest.

Surrender conveyance

A conveyance is a declaration of agreement between the seller and the buyer of a property. Both must make this declaration of agreement in front of a notary at the same time....

Using geodata and geoinformation

You want to get to know your surroundings better? Do you need an overview map for your association or are you preparing a presentation for which you need geographical material?...