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There are 15 services for Building procedures

Building procedures

Do you need a building permit, proof of residence or a demolition permit? Do you want to determine the market value of a property or do you need an energy performance certificate? Here you will find services and contacts at public authorities regarding building procedures.


Apply for a certificate of completion

You must apply for a certificate of seclusion if a special property is to be established or a permanent right of residence is to be asserted.

Apply for a housing subsidy

If you save money to buy, build or renovate a residential property, this can be subsidized with the housing subsidy under certain conditions. The premium is credited to the home...

Apply for building authority approval

On behalf of the legislator, the Building Regulations Office monitors compliance with public building law. This results in the following tasks for the Building Regulations...

Apply for building measurement

Have you built a new building or changed its external dimensions? Then the floor plan must be re-recorded.

Apply for exemption from the development plan

The construction, modification and change of use residential buildings of building classes 1, 2 and 3, other buildings of building classes 1 and 2, other structures other...

Apply for housing subsidies

You have a residential property that you want to have modernized? Under certain conditions, you will receive a subsidy for this.

Apply for subsidies for owner-occupied residential property

If you want to build, purchase or modernize your own home/condominium, you can take advantage of housing subsidies if the conditions are met. The country in which you want to...

Applying for subsidies for social rental housing

For the creation of social rental housing through construction, acquisition, modernization or by acquiring occupancy rights, you can receive housing subsidies if the conditions...


The energy certificate is a document that evaluates the energy efficiency of a building. It gives you clues for a rough estimate of the future energy costs for an apartment or a...

Display the start of the erection of aviation obstacles subject to approval

Notify the aviation authority of the start of the construction of an obstacle to aviation, such as a crane or construction equipment, after you have received approval for this...

Notifications of renewable energy plants Registration

If you are the operator of a renewable energy plant, you must report the plant to the Federal Network Agency.

Report a malfunction of public clocks

Have you noticed a malfunction on a public watch? Report them.

Report damage to public facilities

Have you noticed damage to a building in your municipality? Report it.

Report playground damage

Children and young people should move a lot outdoors, so play and leisure areas are very important for their development. Safety is our top priority. If you notice damage to the...

View the market value determination of the subsidy levy

The determined market values are communicated by publication on the LAGB's website.