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There are 16 services for Statistical surveys and reporting obligations

Statistical surveys and reporting obligations

In the interest of a broad overview, depending on their industry, companies report facts and figures for statistics that are them accessible to all. In many cases, this can be done online. Here you will find an overview of statistical reporting and other reporting as well as the relevant public authorities.


Indicate the birth of a child through institutions

A child was born in your institution? Then you need to report the birth to the relevant registry office.

Information on bird flu

Responsibility for reporting dead birds The competent veterinary offices are the addressees for the reporting of dead and sick birds (wild birds and domestic poultry). Finding...

Issue accompanying documents for wine transports

If you are transporting more than 60 litres of an unbottled wine product, you will need a wine accompanying document for each transport.

Make an annual declaration of commercial eel fishing

If you catch eels for profit, you must send written records for each fishing operation as an annual declaration to the upper fisheries authority.

Notifications of renewable energy plants Registration

If you are the operator of a renewable energy plant, you must report the plant to the Federal Network Agency.

Order Poverty and Wealth Report

The Poverty and Wealth Report takes stock of the social situation in Germany. The aim of the report is to present the poverty situation in Germany and to identify political...

Population/Population development

The demographic changes in society are omnipresent and of a very complex nature. They result in social developments to which the state must react - at the federal, state and...

Prepare and publish a report on gender equality and equal pay

Under certain conditions, as a private employer, you must prepare and publish a report on equality and equal pay. As an employer, you are obliged to treat all employees...

Provide information for over-indebtedness statistics

Are you asked by the Federal Statistical Office to provide data for over-indebtedness statistics? You can submit the data online.

Register in tourist accommodation

If you are admitted to an accommodation facility, you must register with the registration office as soon as the stay exceeds six months. If you do not have an apartment within...

Register special notification requirement in hospitals, homes and similar institutions

If you are admitted to or move into a hospital, home or similar institution, you only need to register as soon as the stay exceeds three months and you are not registered for an...

Report head lice infestation to school or daycare center

Report head lice infestation in children immediately.

Report wine and grape must stocks

If you process or process, store or trade wine or grape must on a commercial basis, you are obliged to report your wine and grape must stocks to the competent authority.

Submit an annual report on eel stocking

If you introduce eels into waters (stocking), you must record this and send it to the competent authority as an annual report.

Tierärztekammer: List of members - Registration

Each Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons shall keep a register of members. The members of the Chamber are obliged to provide their Chamber with the necessary information for this...

View results of federal statistics

If you need statistical information about the Federal Republic of Germany, you can get it from the Federal Statistical Office.