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There are 13 services for Permission to operate a motor vehicle and professional expertise

Permission to operate a motor vehicle and professional expertise

From pilots and vehicle operators to dangerous goods safety advisors, a job in freight transportation is demanding and challenging. Certain qualifications and expertise of individuals are the prerequisite for the logistics industry to work safely and professionally. Here you will find answers to questions regarding driver's licenses, expertise and other certificates relating to air and shipping traffic as well as road transport.


Apply for a certificate for the initial qualification of drivers in passenger transport

Anyone who transports people as an entrepreneur with buses (regular services, excursion bus trips or holiday destination trips), taxis or rental cars must be in possession of a...

Apply for a driver card

You are a driver of a truck or bus and must apply for a driver card for the first time.

Apply for a driving licence on federal waterways (patent or certificate of competency)

If you are a skipper and want to drive a vehicle on a federal waterway, you need a driver's license for the respective class.

Apply for a replacement of the Registration Certificate Part I or Part II

If your registration documents are lost or stolen, you must apply for replacement.

Apply for a temporary driving licence for passenger transport

If you want to transport passengers by taxi, rental car, ambulance or car in regular service, to commercial excursions or to holiday destinations, you need a driving licence for...

Apply for a traffic exemption

If your business is contrary to the requirements or prohibitions of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) in individual cases, you can apply for an exemption. This applies, for...

Applying for a driver attestation in international road haulage

If you employ drivers from non-EU countries, you must apply for a driver attestation for them.

Have a passenger's licence renewed

The passenger transport licence (FzF) is issued for a maximum of five years and can be extended for up to five years at the request of the holder.

Have training and further education centre for professional drivers recognised

Anyone who carries out road haulage or passenger transport journeys for commercial purposes on public roads is obliged to undergo initial qualification and further training. If...

Have your driving instructor permit recognised from abroad

Would you like to work as a driving instructor in Germany? Then you need a driving license. Even with a professional qualification from abroad, you can obtain a driving...

Information about long trucks

Since 1 January 2017, long trucks have been allowed to drive indefinitely on certain roads in Germany. The conditions for this have been legally regulated by the Federal...

Register for the exam Basic qualification of professional drivers

Drivers engaged in commercial road haulage or passenger transport must provide proof of special qualification in addition to their driving licence.

Take the dangerous goods driver's exam

To transport dangerous goods by road, you must have an ADR training certificate.