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There are 6 services for Restructuring and bankruptcy

Restructuring and bankruptcy

If your company has ended up in financial difficulties, in some cases bankruptcy proceedings are necessary. In other cases, out-of-court restructuring can be advantageous: it saves court, administrative and insolvency administrator costs, and the restructuring does not need to be made public. Here you will find government services and contacts at public authorities that can support you in your situation.


Apply for appointment as insolvency administrator

If you wish to act as a trustee in insolvency proceedings for which self-administration has been ordered, you must be appointed by the competent insolvency court.A natural...

Apply for cancellation of membership at the Chamber of Crafts

If the operation of a craft or similar trade is no longer to be continued, you must apply to your Chamber of Crafts for deletion.

Apply for debtor and insolvency counselling

If you have found themselves in an emergency situation (e.g. your account or wages/salary have been seized, the bailiff registers, imprisonment is threatened, ...), have...

Apply for deletion from the register of craftsmen/trade register (HWK)

If the requirements for entry in the register of craftsmen or the register of proprietors of a business, craft not subject to authorisation or crafts are met. trade is not (or...

Applying for insolvency money

If your employer is insolvent and can no longer pay your salary, you can apply for insolvency money.

Deletion of one of several operated crafts or crafts-like trades

If you are registered with the Chamber of Crafts with several crafts or similar trades and some of these commercial activities are not to be continued, you must request their...