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There are 7 services for Economic funding

Economic funding

Companies and startups planning to settle in Germany, expanding their headquarters at the location or opening up new markets can take advantage of extensive funding opportunities from the federal, state and local governments. Information regarding these services can be found here.


Apply for consultancy grants for the promotion of entrepreneurial know-how

If you would like to take advantage of advice for your company, you can receive funding under certain conditions. Small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and members of the...

Apply for funding for commercial investments

Business investments and municipal investment projects can be funded by the federal-state joint task "Improvement of the regional economic structure".

Apply for promotional loan from KfW "Unternehmerkredit Plus" - No. 044, 046

Funding objective The promotional loan is used to develop or produce new or substantially improved products, processes or services that are innovative. Who is funded? The...

Applying for seasonal short-time working allowance

If your company belongs to the construction industry or a similar company and you have work absences during the so-called bad weather period, you can partially compensate for...

Applying for short-time working allowance

If there is an unavoidable temporary absence from work in your company, short-time working allowance can be paid in whole or in part for your employees. The loss of earnings is...

Applying for transfer short-time working allowance

If your company has to permanently reduce staff due to restructuring, you can receive temporary transfer short-time work allowance for these employees, which partially...

Job creation measures (ABM)

Job creation measures (ABM for short) are activities subsidised by the employment agencies to help jobseekers reintegrate into employment or to secure a low income. These...