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There are 5 services for Land tax and land transfer tax

Land tax and land transfer tax

Land tax and land transfer tax are levied on the ownership and the acquisition of land.


Pay property tax

Do you have real estate? Then you are subject to property tax, distinguishing between property tax A – for agricultural and forestry companies and property tax B – for all other...

Property tax assessment for real estate received

The property tax is a municipal tax that is levied on the property located on the municipal territory.

Real estate transfer tax

If you carry out a legal transaction that relates to a domestic property, it is subject to real estate transfer tax.

Receive notice of the property tax assessment amount

If you are the owner of real property (or in the new federal states, users of agricultural and forestry property) that is not exempt from real property tax, the tax office will...

Receive real estate tax assessment for land used for agriculture and forestry or agricultural and forestry enterprises

Property tax is a municipal tax levied on real property located within the municipality's territory.