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There are 12 services for Workplace safety

Workplace safety

Protecting employees and minimising dangers: Do you need information about special regulations concerning working hours? Does your business work with hazardous substances or facilities? From special permissions to health certification, here you will find an overview of administrative information and services concerning occupational safety and health.


Apply for exemption from basic obligations and protective measures in the commercial handling of hazardous substances

If you wish to deviate from the provisions of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance, you must apply for an exemption from the competent authority.

Apply for occupational health and safety advice

The employer is responsible for the occupational health and safety of its employees. Effective occupational safety is only possible if the potential hazards in the workplace are...

Applying for background checks in aviation

If you're working in security restricted areas at an airport, you'll need a background check.

Applying for permission to carry out fumigations

If you want to carry out fumigation, you need a permit, which you must apply for from the competent authority.

Carry out half-yearly transmission of employment of persons in home work

You must identify all persons whom you employ in homework under the (HAG) and those persons through whom you pass on homework in lists and submit these lists to the competent...

Communicate advance notice of the establishment of a construction site

For larger construction projects, send advance notice to the responsible occupational safety authority at least two weeks before the construction site is set up. You must also...

Information on maternity protection

If you are pregnant, you may only be employed with your consent in the last six weeks before giving birth. Until the expiry of eight weeks, in the case of premature and...

Register jobs in regions or in a working environment with increased radioactive radiation exposure to radon

As a company, you must measure radon concentrations in radon prevention areas and, since January 2019, register jobs where the reference value is exceeded despite protective...

Report an accident at work or at school to the statutory accident insurance fund

If an accident at work, on the road or at school has occurred in your company or institution, you must report it to your responsible employers' liability insurance association...

Report an accident or malfunction involving hazardous substances

If an accident or malfunction or illness or death related to hazardous substances has occurred in your company, you must report this immediately.

Show employment of persons in establishments with X-ray equipment or interference emitters

The employment of persons who work with third-party X-ray equipment or third-party interference sources and who may be exposed to a dose higher than 1 mSv must be reported to...

Show home work to which special regulations of hazard protection apply.

If you, as a company, issue home work in accordance with the Home Work Act (HAG), for the performance of which special hazard protection regulations apply, you must notify the...