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There are 6 services for Termination of employment

Termination of employment

From a company going out of business to an employee reaching retirement age, employment can end for a number of reasons. Here you will find an overview of the different services related to specific situations.


Apply for consent to the dismissal of severely disabled people

If you wish to terminate a severely disabled person or a disabled person treated as such, you must first obtain the consent of the Integration Office (in Bavaria and North...

Declare admissibility in the case of special prohibitions of termination

If your employees are under special protection against dismissal, dismissal is only possible in a few exceptions. You must then apply to the competent Land authority for the...

Give up job as district chimney sweep

You would like to give up your position as an authorized district chimney sweep? To do so, you must contact the competent authority. You can find out more here.

Notify appointment, change of duties or cancellation of appointment of a radiation protection officer.

If you are the radiation protection supervisor, you must inform the authority about the appointment and dismissal of radiation protection officers. The same applies if the scope...

Report redundancies to the Employment Agency

If you intend to lay off a large number of employees in your company, you must report this to the Employment Agency in good time.

Report the dismissal of the management to the Chamber of Crafts

If the current management stops or a change takes place, you must report this to the Chamber of Crafts.