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There are 16 services for Imports and exports

Imports and exports

What rules apply to cross-border trade? Certain import exemptions and limitations exist to protect people from dangers and to ensure compliance with international agreements. Germany has a long history as a leading exporter. But what requirements need to be followed when exporting goods? You will find relevant information and government services here.


Application for authorisation for import, transit, export and intra-Community movements in accordance with animal health and food legislation

For the import, transit, and occasionally for the export and for intra-Community movements of animals and animal products according to § 1 Internal Market Animal Disease...

Apply for authorisation to use an electronic transport document (ETD) as a customs declaration

As an airline or shipping company, you can apply for a simplification of the transit procedure. This simplification makes it possible to use an electronic transport document as...

Apply for permission to operate a bonded warehouse

If you want to operate a bonded warehouse, you must submit an application.

Apply for preferential simplification

If you as a company want to prove the origin of an export product yourself, you must submit a one-time application. In addition, there is a simplified procedure for storing...

Applying for a temporary export permit for national treasures

If you want to export national treasures temporarily or permanently from Germany, you must apply for an export permit.

Applying for an Export Permit for Cultural Property

If you want to export cultural property from Germany, you need an export permit under certain conditions.

Applying for phytosanitary certificates for the export of plants and plant products to countries outside the EU

If you export plants, plant products or other objects to countries outside the EU, they must not contain harmful organisms. As proof of this, you must apply for a phytosanitary...

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Companies based in the European Union and involved in customs operations, i.e. also operating outside the European Internal Market, can apply for the status of Authorised...

Customs supervision implementation

Despite facilitations in the clearance of goods in personal luggage, you cannot carry all goods and products without restrictions in cross-border travel. Customs authorities...

Declare diplomatic or consular goods to customs

If you want to import diplomatic or consular goods free of import duties, you must declare them.

Declare goods to customs when imported via the Internet

If you import goods into Germany from outside the EU, you can submit the customs declaration via the Internet.

Food: Import investigation

Do you import food into the EU as an entrepreneur? Then you have to ensure that the prescribed import inspections are carried out properly. In the case of imports of foodstuffs...

Import and export of protected plant and animal species, apply for permit

The permit requirement covers live and dead animals and plants, as well as parts or products with components thereof. You can also apply for the following CITES special...

Importing goods (travel souvenirs) from non-EU countries into Germany (customs control)

You can import goods into Germany from countries outside the EU. However, there are quantity and value limits for certain goods.

Importing goods from EU countries into Germany

You can bring goods from any EU country to Germany. However, there are indicative quantities for certain goods.

Request export refund

If you export goods to third countries, you can apply for an export refund under certain conditions. For many agricultural products, the European Union (EU) has set prices that...