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There are 9 services for Transport permits

Transport permits

Whether goods are moved by tram, heavy-duty transport or inland waterway vessel, making sure than people and goods arrive safely at their destination requires special licences and authorisations for certain vehicles and forms of transport. You can get an overview here.


Apply for a rental car permit

Would you like to operate a rental car business? You can apply for the necessary permit at the traffic authority responsible for you.

Apply for a replacement of the Registration Certificate Part I or Part II

If your registration documents are lost or stolen, you must apply for replacement.

Apply for a taxi permit

Do you want to transport people commercially in a taxi? You can apply for the necessary permit from the responsible traffic authority.

Apply for permission under water law for the navigation of waters with motor boats

Would you like to sail a lake with a motorboat? For this you need a permit.

Apply for rental bus permit

If you want to transport more than nine people in national transport outside the regular service (occasional services, e.g. by hire bus services, excursions or holiday...

Apply to fly into geographic areas with drones

The application possibilities of drones are manifold. If you also want to fly over geographical areas during operation, you may need to apply for a permit.

Applying for a permit for large-capacity and heavy goods traffic

If you want to transport a load with a particularly large vehicle on public roads, or if the load exceeds legal limits, you must apply for a permit.

Applying for a permit for unmanned aerial vehicles

You may fly a drone without prior permission if you meet the appropriate requirements. However, if the operation poses an increased risk for bystanders, you must apply for an...

Intra-Community transport of civil explosives (transfer authorisation) Authorisation

The consignor of civil explosives shall apply to the country of destination for a movement authorisation covering the entire transport chain (including countries of transit).