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There are 79 services for Inspections and certificates of safety and expertise

Inspections and certificates of safety and expertise

Smoothly functioning processes and procedures can help companies achieve a high level of safety. This applies to facilities, trained specialist staff, and of course the products themselves. Here you will find an overview of government services regarding inspections and certificates to document safety measures and expertise.


Apply for a Certificate of good standing

If you are interested in working in an academic or non-academic health profession abroad, you will need a Certificate of good standing.

Apply for a certificate evaluation for a foreign university qualification

Have you studied abroad? With the certificate evaluation, you will find out whether your studies are equivalent to a German degree.

Apply for a certificate for dangerous goods safety officer examination

In order to be appointed and active as a dangerous goods safety adviser, you must have proof of training. The training certificate will be issued to you after participation in a...

Apply for a certificate of competence for chemical climate protection

If you install, check for leaks, maintain, maintain or recover plants with fluorinated greenhouse gases, you will need a new certificate of competence after 4 July 2009 so that...

Apply for a designation as a testing centre for sewage sludge investigations in waste management

If you want to act as an investigation body for sewage sludge investigations in waste management, you must be notified (determined) by the competent authority.

Apply for a designation as an inspection body for waste wood in waste management

If you act as a body for the testing and examination of waste wood batches that are to be recycled as part of the external monitoring of the operators of waste wood treatment...

Apply for a licence to practise medicine

In order to be able to practice the profession as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, psychological psychotherapist or child and adolescent psychotherapist in Germany, a separate...

Apply for a license to practise as a veterinarian

Would you like to work permanently as a veterinarian in Germany? Then you must be licensed (approved) for this activity.

Apply for a permit for the (international) commercial carriage of goods by road / Community licence

If you intend to transport goods with motor vehicles over 3.5 tonnes on a commercial basis or for a fee, you need the permission of the locally competent approval authority...

Apply for admission as a patent attorney

You may only act as a patent attorney if you have been admitted to the Patent Attorney's Office by the Chamber of Patent Attorneys. You must apply for admission. Patent...

Apply for admission to a distance learning course

Would you like to offer a distance learning course? Find out more about the requirements here.

Apply for admission to the audit exam

If you want to take the auditing exam, you must apply for admission. You must meet certain requirements for admission.

Apply for admission to the bar

If you want to work as a lawyer, you need a license. Preconditions You have acquired the qualification to become a judge in accordance with the German Judges Act or You...

Apply for an EU certificate in accordance with the Professional Recognition Directive

If you want to provide certain services in another EU country, you will need the EU certificate for some EU countries (e.g. Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg) as proof of your...

Apply for approval for emission and immission assessment bodies

As an approved measuring point for emissions and immissions in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act, you can offer your services throughout Germany after...

Apply for authorisation to set up a branch of experts

You already have a branch as an expert and would now like to register a branch? Find out more here.

Apply for exemption from the requirement of expertise under the Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance

In individual cases, you may be exempted from the requirement of technical or craft training to prove expertise in accordance with the Chemicals Ozone Layer Ordinance.

Apply for permission as a flight instructor

For the training of air pilots or personnel for air traffic control, you need a permit. The permit may be subject to conditions and may be limited in time. It may be revoked if...

Apply for permission to temporarily practice veterinary profession for veterinarians from EU member states

In order to work temporarily in Germany as a veterinarian without a license, you need a permit.

Apply for permission to use the professional title "Podiatrist/Podologist

When working as a chiropodist, a distinction is made between cosmetic and medical foot care. Cosmetic foot care (on healthy feet) can be practiced without a license, but must be...

Apply for permission to use the professional title of dietician

If you want to use the professional title "dietician" or "dietician", you need a permit. Prerequisites for this are: They have completed the prescribed training and passed...

Apply for permission to use the professional title of geriatric nurse

If you want to use the job title "geriatric nurse" or "geriatric nurse", you need a permit. If you carry out the activity only temporarily and occasionally, a report to the...

Apply for permission to use the professional title of health supervisor

Do you attach great importance to hygiene and cleanliness? Find out here about the recognition as a health supervisor.

Apply for permission to use the professional title of speech therapist

If you want to use the professional title "speech therapist" or "speech therapist", you need permission to do so. The permit is granted on application if the applicant has...

Apply for proof of competence for the supply of plant protection products

A person needs a certificate of competence if he wants to place plant protection products on the market commercially or via the Internet outside of commercial activities.

Apply for proof of competence for the use of plant protection products

If you use plant protection products, advise on plant protection, or want to instruct or supervise persons who use plant protection products as part of a training relationship...

Apply for recognition as a farrier

If you want to work as a farrier or farrier trainer, you need state recognition. Examination certificates in the field of farriery and hoof shoeing obtained outside Germany can...

Apply for recognition as a private university

With 10 universities of different fields of study, Saxony-Anhalt is an excellent science location. If you also want to found a private university in Saxony-Anhalt, click here...

Apply for recognition as a testing body for pipeline systems

Anyone wishing to operate a testing laboratory for pipeline installations must meet the requirements of Section 6 (2) of the Pipeline Ordinance and apply to the competent...

Apply for recognition as a training organiser for ADR courses

If you would like to carry out training courses for dangerous goods officers, you must be recognised as a training organiser by the locally responsible Chamber of Industry and...

Apply for recognition as an expert organisation for installations for the handling of substances hazardous to water

If you want to set up an expert organisation that tests plants for handling substances hazardous to water, prepares expert opinions and certifies or monitors specialist...

Apply for recognition as an eye test site

If you want to operate an eye test site, you need official recognition.

Apply for recognition for assessment of driving aptitude

If you would like to operate an assessment centre for driving aptitude , you need recognition by the competent authority. The prerequisite is that the financial and...

Apply for recognition for investigation bodies in the area of the BBodSchG

Would you like to provide high-quality services as an expert or investigating body in the EU for tasks under the Federal Soil Protection Act? Then you can apply for official...

Apply for recognition of ADR courses

If you want to carry out training courses for dangerous goods drivers, you must be recognized as a training organizer by the locally responsible IHK.

Apply for recognition of a course for the acquisition or updating of the required expertise in radiation protection

In order to acquire the necessary expertise in radiation protection, people must attend courses. If you want to organize courses to provide participants with the necessary...

Apply for recognition of a further training qualification as a veterinarian

In addition to your professional title as a veterinarian, you can use other designations on request. Read the most important information here.

Apply for recognition of testing laboratories and measuring points

Would you like to have your test laboratory or measuring point notified? Find out more here.

Apply for registration for debt collection service

If you wish to provide collection services on a business basis, you must register this activity in the Legal Services Register. It can be registered who is personally suitable...

Applying for a certificate of competency for event technology managers

For stage events, the management of the technical stage operation by technical specialists is mandatory. For stages with a scene area behind the stage opening of more than...

Applying for a driving instructor's license

Anyone who trains persons who wish to obtain a licence to drive motor vehicles (learner drivers) requires a driving licence. The driving licence is issued on application in...

Applying for a health professional title

If you want to use a job title in one of the following health professions, you need a permit: Nurses Health and paediatric nurses Midwife/Maternity Nurse Podiatrist ...

Applying for authorisation to work on weakly bound asbestos products

If you want to carry out remediation or demolition work in the presence of asbestos with high fibre releases, you need a permit, which you apply for from the competent authority.

Applying for exemption from the burden of proof for trainers

If you wish to work as a trainer in a recognised training occupation, you must provide proof that you have the necessary vocational and work pedagogical skills, knowledge and...

Applying for recognition of first aid training places

Bodies carrying out training in first aid and/or life-saving emergency measures at the scene of an accident for the acquisition of a driving licence require official recognition...

Applying for testing of fuels from plants requiring a permit

The competent authority shall verify compliance with chemical, physical parameters and limit values for fuels. The results are reported annually to the Federal Environment...

Applying for the suitability of training institutions

If you would like to train in your company, the responsible body, such as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), will advise and support you.

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Companies based in the European Union and involved in customs operations, i.e. also operating outside the European Internal Market, can apply for the status of Authorised...

Checking the reliability of traders in sectors of industry in need of monitoring

Anyone who registers or re-registers a trade requiring monitoring checks its reliability by the trade authority on the basis of a certificate of good conduct for submission to...

Clarify EU law abroad

If you are an EU citizen or a company in another country and you face additional obstacles because an authority does not comply with EU law, SOLVIT can help you. SOLVIT is a...

Crediting examination achievements towards the auditing examination

If you have already taken exams on business topics at a university, in some cases you can have them count toward your auditing exam.

Games with the possibility of winning - Clearance certificate

If you want to organize commercial games with the possibility of winning (e.B games of skill), you need a permit from the competent authority. In order to obtain this...

Have foreign professional qualifications recognised as state examinations for state-certified food chemists

Food chemists from other countries of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland can apply for recognition of their diploma or university degree...

Have the operation of an interference source or a significant change in operation approved

If you intend to put an emitter into operation or make significant changes to its operation, this must be approved by the competent authority.

Have training and further education centre for professional drivers recognised

Anyone who carries out road haulage or passenger transport journeys for commercial purposes on public roads is obliged to undergo initial qualification and further training. If...

Indicate the operation or significant modification of a technical X-ray facility

If you intend to operate or significantly modify a technical X-ray facility and it does not require a permit, you are obliged to report this to the competent authority.

Interpreter and translator - Apply for proof of professional aptitude

Do you want to interpret, sign language interpret or translate at courts and authorities? Find out here which requirements you need for this.

Notify appointment, change of duties or cancellation of appointment of a radiation protection officer.

If you are the radiation protection supervisor, you must inform the authority about the appointment and dismissal of radiation protection officers. The same applies if the scope...

Obtain certification of the required expertise in radiation protection

If you work in the technical field of radiation protection (e.g., operating X-ray equipment or handling radioactive materials), you must have the necessary expertise. This must...

Organic farming: private inspection body - approval

If you want to run a private control body for organic farming, you need a permit. The approval is valid for the entire federal territory. Upon request, admission may be...

Provide pension advice

If you wish to provide pension advice in the following areas, you must register with the competent authority: statutory pension and accident insurance, social compensation...

Register for the exam Basic qualification of professional drivers

Drivers engaged in commercial road haulage or passenger transport must provide proof of special qualification in addition to their driving licence.

Register jobs in regions or in a working environment with increased radioactive radiation exposure to radon

As a company, you must measure radon concentrations in radon prevention areas and, since January 2019, register jobs where the reference value is exceeded despite protective...

Report changes to the distance learning course

Have you made any changes to your distance learning course? These must be approved.

Request an examination of personal reliability for the conduct of road haulage transactions

They want to carry out commercial transports with vehicles whose permissible gross vehicle weight is more than 3.5 tonnes. For this you need a permit (road haulage permit). One...

Request proof of information for the security industry

You must provide proof of information in the security industry if you are employed and take over guarding tasks in the security industry on your own responsibility.

Submit a maintenance concept for potentially explosive systems

As an employer, you can dispense with a recurring inspection of certain systems in potentially explosive atmospheres by developing a maintenance concept.

Take audit exam

If you have received an invitation to take the auditing exam, you can take the exams.

Take the competence test for the security industry

The following activities in the security industry may only be carried out after passing the competence examination at the IHK:Inspection rounds in public traffic areas or in...

Take the continuing education exam

After an initial vocational qualification, you can acquire another nationally recognised vocational training qualification by taking part in a further training examination.

Take the expertise test for the sale of over-the-counter medicines

In order to be able to offer so-called over-the-counter medicines in the trade, you must prove the corresponding expertise by passing an examination.

Take the proficiency test as a financial investment intermediary

To obtain permission as a fee-based financial investment advisor, you must demonstrate the required expertise.

Take the specialist examination for the arms trade

As part of the licensing procedure for the commercial arms trade, you must prove the appropriate expertise. To do this, you take a specialist examination at the Chamber of...

Take the trainer aptitude test

With the trainer aptitude test, you prove that you are suitable for carrying out the vocational training of trainees.

View the operation or significant change in the operation of a dental, medical, and veterinary X-ray facility

If you intend to operate or substantially modify a dental, medical or veterinary X-ray facility and it is not subject to approval, you are obliged to report this to the...

Waste water: operation of plants - permit

Depending on the size and type of plant, you may also need a plant permit for the operation of a wastewater plant, in addition to the water discharge permit or indirect...

indicate a fumigation

If you wish to carry out a fumigation activity, you must notify the competent authority.