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There are 14 services for Trade fairs, street festivals and special events

Trade fairs, street festivals and special events

Are you planning an event – for example, one involving aviation or gambling? Do you operate an entertainment business or do you work in an itinerant trade? Here you will find government services and information about planning and authorisations for events.


Apply for a campfire permit

You want to make a public campfire? For this you need a permit.

Apply for a permit to restrict traffic space

If you want to use the public traffic area during construction work or events, you must apply for a permit from the local road traffic authority.

Apply for access to airport security areas

If you want to work in security areas at an airport, you will need to have access authorization. You can find out how to get it here.

Apply for an exemption for street sales

Roads are usually reserved for road traffic. According to § 33 sec. 1 of the Road Traffic Code (StVO), there is a prohibition on the offering of goods and services of all kinds...

Apply for approval of sales events

If you as an organizer would like to hold a trade fair, an exhibition, a wholesale market, a weekly, annual or special market, you can apply to the competent authority for a...

Apply for permission as a flight instructor

For the training of air pilots or personnel for air traffic control, you need a permit. The permit may be subject to conditions and may be limited in time. It may be revoked if...

Apply for permission to sell goods at fairs, festivals and special occasions

Would you like to offer goods for immediate sale on a special occasion, such as a public festival, a trade fair or a market? If you have permission from the competent authority,...

Apply for posters on roads

Outdoor advertising refers to the forms of advertising in which the advertising medium is located in public space. According to the building regulations of the state of...

Apply for stand approval for stores

As a trader, you need a licence to participate in markets.

Applying for a certificate of competency for event technology managers

For stage events, the management of the technical stage operation by technical specialists is mandatory. For stages with a scene area behind the stage opening of more than...

Register an animal exhibition, animal market or animal exchange

If you would like to hold events such as animal shows, animal fairs and animal exhibitions, you must notify the competent administrative authority. For commercial purposes, you...

Register for an event

If you are planning a public event, you usually need to report it to your city or municipality and have it approved under certain conditions. Special regulations apply to events...

Special use permit on public streets and squares

The use of public roads beyond public use constitutes a special use that is subject to permission and a fee. The public roads also include the parking lots. Special uses of a...

View hiking camps

If a hiking camp is to be publicly announced, you must notify this in advance.