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There are 3 services for Asylum


Asylum is a right protected by the German constitution. People who are fleeing violence, war and terror in other parts of the world may be protected here in Germany. Find out how the asylum procedure works, about the right to asylum and the different types of protection, as well as about the European context.


Applying for a residence permit for expulsion

If you have fled Ukraine, you can obtain a residence permit for temporary protection under certain conditions.

Applying for a settlement permit for recognised persons entitled to asylum and refugees

If you are a recognised person entitled to asylum, a refugee under the Geneva Convention or a resettlement refugee, you can, under certain conditions, obtain a permanent...

Request information from the Central Register for Foreigners

If you would like to receive information about your data stored in the Central Register of Foreigners, you must submit an application to the Federal Office of Administration (BVA).